Origin of English word BEAN

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The word BEAN is addressed in the entry: FALAFEL

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Edenic Word


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[PL → FL]


This Mideast fastfood, usually from chickpeas, is from  Arabic fuul , cooked  beans.

They spell FALAFEL as falaa fil . Edenic  פול POAL is in II Samuel 17:28.  In Aramaic the bean is similarly POALAh,

but the Ethiopic bean is fail, with the similar shift from Pey/P to Phey/F.


The bean’s de-evolution is best seen in Italian fagiuolo. It appears to have retained an older or less mangled bean word than in Latin.The shifted Pey (P to F) and L are intact, but the vowel Vav/OO has been replaced with similar sound, but more complicated spelling.  That end-L is dropped, so that the Portuguese bean is feijao. All the other F-L bean words, beginning with Latin phaselus have an S between the P and L. These include Modern Greek faso’li,  Polish fasola, Rumanian fasole, Serbo-Croatian pasulj,Turkish fasulye and Yiddish fassolije.  The Germanic languages all have a B-N BEAN word, resembling a reversed [A]NaBHaH (grain of lentil – Ben Yehuda. [A]NaBH begins in Genesis 40:10 meaning a grape, but the Akkadian means any fruit, and the Ayin-Noon-Bhet root can mean anything globular (Harkavy). The AHD offers the Indo-European “root” bha-bha (broad bean).

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