Origin of English word BEAST

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Wild animal


There is nothing older than Latin bestia.   Middle English beeste reinforced the concept that the word signifies a larger mammal hunted for food or sport.

צבי TSiBHeeY refers to any kind of stag, deer or gazelle (Deuteronomy 14:5).

With an M231 metathesis of  צבי TSiBHeeY, one can even hear the long-E of the י Yod.

As usual, the TS of צ  Tsadi is reversed in Indo-European to ST.

The Akkadian is sabitu;  the Aramaic-Syriac , DTaBHYA; the Arabic , zaby.


TABITHA is related.   צבי Tsadi-Bhet-Yod also means beauty – see BEAUTY .

If you have to ask why this creature and beauty are synonymous, you haven’t seen deer, or haven’t seen (period).

Learning about reversals and metathesis allows TSiBHeeY to render BEAUTY and the BEAST.

Hungarian szarvas is a deer.  The Hopi (Amerind) antelope is tso-vi-a-o . The Tsadi scoots away in the Cherokee (Amerind) deer: ahawi.

“Animal” in six Germanic languages echoes the common forest animal or beast, DEER.  This is likely because the DEER is the most common DWELLER (DWELL from Dalet-Vav-Resh, to dwell – see “DWELL) of unpopulated areas near man. The Tsadi-Bet  TsS[V]eeY appears as Z-V in Slavic words for :animal:”  Czechzvire, Polish zwierze, Russian zhivotnaye and Serbo-Croation zivotinja.  Perhaps the Japanese dental-bilabial term for “animal”, doobutsu, is also from TSiBHeeY.  The bilabial-fricative WAPITI might be from TSIBHeeY (deer) backwards; sibil-keh, the Maya deer, better resembles  (T)SIBHeeY (deer). The Hindi deer is sabari

Deer country, AReTS TSiBHeeY, is beautiful land  (II Samuel 1:19)  – see BEAUTY.

Most linguistics students can’t see BEAUTY or BEAST in a word from “Semitic.”  They are blinded by the light of their professors and academic  careers.  Like deer caught in the headlights.

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