Origin of English word BEAUTIFUL

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The word BEAUTIFUL is addressed in the entry: BEAUTY

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BEAUTY is somehow derived from Latin bellus (pretty), which is from the alleged  Indo-European “root” deu - 2  (to do, perform, revere, show favor).  Not pretty scholarship.

1)Aramaic  פיותא PaYOOTAh (beauty) and Syriac פאיות PAhYOOT reverse the Yod-Pey or YP root of יפי YoaPHeeY (beauty - Proverbs31:30).  A mild shift of bilabials turns P into B.

The י-פ Yod-Pey shifting to bilabial-vowel is a more beautiful  etymon for BEAU ( from the French word for handsome).

2) צבי TSiBHeeY, means both the (beautiful) gazelle, and BEAUTIFUL (Isaiah28:5).  An M213 metathesis lets us see BEAUTY from צ-ב-י Tsadi-Bhet-Yod.  See BEAST for part II of   צבי TSiBHeeY’s beauty and beast.


Among the B+vowel beauty words that are easily derived from YaPeH (beauty – Songs 1:8) are several BEAU terms, like BEAU GESTE, and the plural form in terms like BEAUX ARTS. A city like YaPHoW (Yafo or Joppa) is named for its beauty.   YiPHaT  means “beautiful of” in Genesis 29:17, and YaPHaTeeY is “my beauty  in Songs 2:10. 

 The Tsadi-Bhet TSBHeeYaH (roe deer or doe) is often DAPPLED. This is partly why Tsadi-Bhet-Yod means both beauty and the beast, both a dental-bilabial meaning beauty (B-T) as in

II Samuel 1:19 and gazelle, antelope, deer as in Deuteronomy 14:4.  Tsadi-Bhet-Ayin means dipped in color (see DIP and DIVE”), a dappled (note the reversed bilabial-dental) animal appears in Jeremiah 12:9.   DToaBH, normally “good,” can mean beautiful; reverse Tet and Bhet, another dental-bilabial..  Hungarian szep means beauty. BEATITUDE is from Latin beare (to make blessed );  BaROOKH means blessed (Genesis22:18). YoaPHeeY is the more common Biblical beauty (Songs 1:8). YiPHeY-PHeeYaH is very beautiful (Jeremiah 46:20). 

  Mandarin Chinese   piao X506 is a bilabial-vowel  reversal of YaPHaH, beautiful   Cantonese  Chinese yop means put in order, and Japanese bi is beauty. Noah’s son YaPHeT or Japhet is the ancestor of the Indo-European people. Beauty is such a high cultural priority with this slice of humanity that one of their major poets (John Keats) has an immortal, amoral statement perceiving truth as beauty and beauty as truth. The Proverbs verse above states that “favor is deceitful and beauty is vain.”  More Yod-Phey beauty at POMP.

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