Origin of English word BETTING

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The word BETTING is addressed in the entry: AFFIDAVIT

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AFFIDAVIT is said to come from "he has made oath" in Middle Latin, deriving from ad (to) + fidere (to trust). Fidere should be linked to Latin vadis (a pledge), to German wetten (to pledge, wager) and to Anglo Saxon weddian (to pledge, engage). WED and WEDDING are traced back to an Indo-European “root” wadh (a pledge). WADSET, wad in Scot­tish, is a mortgage, a pledged security for a debt.

Consider a like-sounding Biblical noun and verb of guarantee, of pledging to repay a debt by leaving a valuable item as security. The three-letter root is ע Ayin plus בט  Bet-Tet, the likely source of the word BET.  A BET, like עבט  [A][V]oaDT, refers to the pledged item.  The lender’s “security” or pledge is in Deuteronomy24:10, where עבט Ayin-Bhet-Tet appears as a verb andanoun.  Deuteronomy15:8 -- "lend him sufficient" (under obligation); "that ladeth himself with many pledges"-- Habakkuk2:6. בטח   BoDTaya[K]H is the verb  “ to trust” in Deuteronomy 28:52 . The noun בטח BeDTa[K]H means security in Genesis 34:25.  The two-letter sound of trust is bilabial-dental, in all its forms from בט     Bet-Tet.   בד Bet-Dalit falsity is   בדה BaDAh (to lie – I Kings 12:33). BAD faith here is separated (see BAT) and subjective truth.


CONFIDE, FEDERAL and FAITH are cognates of AFFIDAVIT at the Indo-European “root” bheidh (to confide). The two-letter root here is VT or BT. Merely place a guttural after the VT, instead of before it and you'll see Ayin-Bhet-Tet,  עבט  GHaBHoaDT (pledge), become  BeDTaK[H] (confidence) and BiTaK[H]OAN (guarantee, insurance). A pledged item is also called a PAWN. The early Frisian term paud (pledge) may be a nasalized (extra N thrown in) PD word, fitting all the labial-dental terms above as well as VaDAhY (certainty, from confessedly).  Czech dental-bilabials (reversed) of our Edenic bilabial-dental roots of  BETTING, FAITH and VETTING include duvera  (confidence, trust) and duverny  (confidential).

For more labial-dental words of trust, like conFiDent and FIDelity, see FAITH, as well as BET and VOTE.

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