Origin of English word BIT UMEN

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The word BIT UMEN is addressed in the entry: PITCH

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[B-TS → P-TS]


PITCH is said to derive from Middle English pich and Latin pix or picis (pitch). PITCH is the black, sticky substance formed in the distillation of coal tar, etc. 

1.  בץ    BoaTS is mud or mire (Jeremiah38:22);   בצה BeeTSaH is a marsh or swamp (Job40:21).

This mucky   ב-צ  Bet-Tsadi stuff is as unstable as בצק  BaTSeQ (dough). The built-in opposite, Bet-Tsadi stability is seen at STUBBORN.

2. The second, slightly stickier way to PITCH involves another bilabial-dental word,     זפת ZePHeT, pitch .  An M231 metathesis is needed to produce P-T-S, but at least the meaning is exact..  The word is in Syriac, Ethopian and Arabic. Ther is also  a verb of coating with PITCH or tar.

  [Mark Feffer]


BRANCHES:  BITUMEN originally meant mineral PITCH; BITUMINOUS coal yields PITCH or tar when it burns. ZePHeT means pitch; ZPT can be scrambled as PTZ, another PITCH.  When ponds are not deep, but are as muddy as a bog, BoaTS makes a fine “pond” word. In Polish, reverse Bet-Tsadi to staw (pond).

See BISON and PITA for similar development.

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