Origin of English word BOATSWAIN

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The word BOATSWAIN is addressed in the entry: PIECE

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There is no Indo-European “root” available for PIECE, but suggestions for an etymon include Old French pece, Late Latin pettia and a Celtic source seen in Welsh peth (little).  פתית   Pa(S)eeY(S) or the modern standard   פתית PaTeeYT is a crumb, fragment, bit or "piece" in Leviticus2:6.   פסה Pee$aH is a piece or slice; in Genesis37:3 it means PATCHES in the quiltlike coat of many colors. Arabic passa is a verb of separating. For the פ-ת    Pey-Sahf of Tahf family see PITA.


פתת Pa(S)a(S) or PaTaT is to crumble or break up (in the same Leviticus2:6 as above). There are PIECE words like  Pa(S) or פת  PaT ("morsel" - Genesis18:5) and   פסג Pee$aiG (to split or sever).

  בתר Bet-Sahf-Resh is both a verb and noun of pieces and of cutting into pieces – see   Abraham's piecemaking at Genesis15:10. בצר BaTSaR is to dissect,   בתק Bee TaiQ is to cut and בדל  BaDaL is to separate, These BT and BD BITS are listed at Indo-European “root” bheid (to split). Cognates of BIT and BITE include ABET, BAIT, BATEAU, BEETLE, BITTER, BOAT, BOATSWAIN, -FID, FIDDLE, FISSI-, FISSILE, FISSION and FISSURE. See DIVIDED.

  פספס Pi$eePa$ is the Modern Hebrew word for a mosaic, made of pieces of colored stone.

A piece of a rock is a pebble. Greek psephos is a pebble.  The study of elections,  PSEPHOLOOGY, is a PS  piece word  ior this entry’s mosaic because voting Greeks counted  these pieces (pebbles)..

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