Origin of English word BOMBARD

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The word BOMBARD is addressed in the entry: BOMB

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[BB→ B+M B]


ROOTS: BOMB has no real source before the late Italian bomba and Old French bombarde, the pipe-like cannon.  The AHD gamely offers Greek bombos (humming)  and coins the Indo-European “root” bamb- (word imitative of dull or rumbling sounds).   BOMB is then made a cognate of BOUND.

For seekers of truth tired of imitative, dull and rambling etymologies, the Bible offers   אבוב   ABOOBH,  a  hollow pipe or tube derived from jointed reeds or knotgrass, an extension of אב ה    AiBHeH (reed - Job 9:26 – see OBOE and PIPE).  נבוב NiBHOOBH is hollow (Exodus 27:8). 

Now, just crude bombs are PIPE BOMBS.   Whether or not put in hollow tubes called canons (also an Edenic reed word – see CANE),  primitive munitions were assembled in shells or pipes. The double bilabial (lip letter) is nasalized with an extra M, just as PUMP is a pipe word, a siphoning-off word. from the same Bet-Bet or Bet-Bhet    אבוב ABOOBH. This explains why the water-PUMPING bombero (the Spanish fireman) sounds like someone who starts fires, rather then puts them out.  PAMPER is another nasalized word from   אבוב ABOOBH – see BABY.


BRANCHES:    Obviously related to BOMB are words like BOMBARD, BOMBARDIER or BOMBLET.   Looking at the unexpected cognates of ABOOBH, one is directed to the IMBIBING BABY, the reed instrument called a FIFE or those products of reeds (PAPYRUS): PAPER and bookish BIBLIO- words.  The Jihadists already knew that BIBLE and BOMB are related.  Spanish bomba means both PUMP and BOMB.   The Fins heard BOMB as pommi; the Modern Greeks as vom’va.   In Arabic the other hollow reed word is used – see CANE.  An Arabic quonboula is a cannonball.  This reinforces the point that the earliest bombs were for the pipe-like cannon.  For another ABOOBH (hollow reed) word nasalized with an M,


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