Origin of English word BOOTH

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house, family


The Indo-European “root” for BOOTH, bheu  (to be, exist, grow), accommodates too many tenants.

Both means a dwelling in Old Danish, and this Western origin of BOOTH was bigger than a closet for a telephone. Pronouncable as בית BaYiT, BaYiS or BaYiTH,  it means “house” (Genesis 33:17), but in Exodus 1: 21 it means “family” (as in the House of Tudor), and there is a verb form meaning to "spent the night" in Daniel6:19. Akkadian bitu or Ugaritic bt seems restricted to “house,” but Hebrew later uses BYT for school or synagogue.

For a  reverse, sound-alike term of interiority, see    ת-ב Tahf-Bhet at TUB.


Nature’s perfect housing or enclosure is the egg, BaYTSaH. The opposite of the open PATIO is the closed house, BaYiT – see PATIO for the bilabial-dental family of open opposites of BaYiTH. BaYiT also means “within” (Genesis 6:14).    Sanskrit vis is a house; the source of VAISYA (settler). BayiT can be read [V]aYi(S).

 Bydh is a house in Welsh (more Welsh below) ; byt is a Czech apartment (or see ":BAT" if  a single unit is meant) ; batsu means family in Japanese.  Wat is a Siamese or Cambodian temple (what in Thailand).

From FM and  MacBain's Etymological Dictionary:  Irish  both, bothan, bothie mean a hut.
Welsh bod, residence; Cornish bod, bos, and *buto-; Lithuanian bùtas, house; Norse búð, and German bude; root  are all related to  English BOOTH.  In the name Buchanan, the bu element means “residence.”

RW adds B- +- dental words for a building:  bud ova , Czech and Slovakian ; batiment, French; Gebäude,German;budynek , Polish;  budovat , Slovakian.  Then, for the verb “to build”: batir,  French and  budovatsh in Polish.

In Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s Buried Treasure, the Hebrew daughter   בת BahT is not the feminine of a son (BeN), because a son builds (Bet-Noon , see BONE) ones own family, while a  בת BahT (daughter) builds  a new בית   BaYiT (house, family).

 For a moving BOOTH, see CABOOSE.  For BaYiT as interiority, see EMBED.

בית BaYiT, BaYiS or BaYiTH also means receptacle (Exodus 37:14) and interior (Exodus 28:26). It must be considederd as the original home of words like VAT, currently stored with an Indo-European “root” called ped - 2  (container).

Bible Verses

Genesis 33:17 ויעקב נסע סכתה ויבן לו בית ולמקנהו עשׂה סכת על־כן קרא שׁם־המקום סכות׃

“And Jacob journeyed to Succoth, and built him a house, and made booths for his cattle. Therefore the name of the place is called Succoth.”

Exodus 1:1 ואלה שׁמות בני ישׂראל הבאים מצרימה את יעקב אישׁ וביתו באו׃

“Now these are the names of the sons of Israel, who came into Egypt with Jacob; every man came with his household:”



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