Origin of English word BRASSIERE

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The AHD’s Indo-European “root” for BRASSIERE is somehow mregh-u (short). The BRASSIERE was named for the arm, bras in French.  The AHD takes this to Greek brakhus, short,  since the upper arm is shorter.  Having an M root for a B word is similarly bizzzare (but it allows the AHD to cite a sacred, Germanic etymon). 

For an anatomical BRK breaker, that shortens the limb when flexed, there is the ברך BeReKH, knee (II Chronicles 6:13 – see BREAK”).   But the Maidenform bra people taught us that brassiers are to lift and separate.  Like wings (extentions), arms  are about spreading wide and separating.  Hands, thus arms,  are spread, Pey-Resh-Shin, in Exodus 9:33.  Wings are spread in Deuteronomy 32:11.  At PLAZA SPREAD and PARK are the widespread פ-ר   Pey-Resh family of spreaders, including     פרץ PaRaTS to "spread abroad" (Genesis28:14),  פרוז PaROOZ (open) and פרזה  PiRZaH (open or unwalled villages - Ezekiel38:11),   פרד PaRaD (separated, spread – Esther 3:8), פרז       PaRaZ (separated in Arabic),  פרס PaRa$ (distributed, broken apart – as in a divided hoof or   פרסה  PaR$aH or the spread-winged OSPREY of  Leviticus 11:3.


The Rumanian arm, brat, reinforces the concept that BRS arm words are not necessarily from a BRK source. Spanish brazo, arm, should have influenced the Tagalog arm: braso.

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