Origin of English word BUBBLE

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boil, blister, pimple, wart


The sixth plague of Egypt, boils, may have been the BUBONIC plague. Greek bubon is a swollen gland, and a boil or blister is a swollen BUBBLE under the skin.

In Exodus9:9 there's "an inflammation breaking out in boils." A BUBO (inflamed swelling) is a boil, and BUBONIC plague is a contagious disease with fever and BUBOES.

The Biblical    אבעבוע AB[A]hBOO[A]H is a boil, blister, pimple or wart.   בעבוע B[A]hBOO[A]H is a bubble; Bet-Ayin-Hey  בעה is to bubble or boil as in "fire makes water boil" - Isaiah64:1.


J.T. Shipley's Indo-European “root” va (swelling) takes in WEN and WOUND. The AHD's root, wen, may be a nasalization (extra N) of Bet-Ayin or Bhet-Ayin as V-vowel, which easily shifts to W-vowel. Suddenly, the chil’ds term for a small wound, BOO-BOO, makes sense.  PIMPLE is a nasalization of this BB root, shifting bilabials to PP.  Anglo-Saxon piplian meansto

blister. See PIMPLE.  For the nasalization adding the M in PIMPLE – see CRAMP.

Proto-Polynesian fuafua means pimples. Ibo is a wart in Japanese, while awa is a bubble. The Chinese bubble, p’ao, is but a bilabial shift away. 

A nasalized (extra M) BUBO is a BUMP (slight swelling).  Extra M’s before P’s are common, see CLAMP and LAMP. The AHD has no Indo-European “root” for BUMP, and it is just called “imitative” – as if it were as unmusical as “thud.”

Bible Verses

Exodus 9:9 והיה לאבק על כל־ארץ מצרים והיה על־האדם ועל־הבהמה לשׁחין פרח אבעבעת בכל־ארץ מצרים׃

“And it shall become small dust over all the land of Egypt, and shall be a boil breaking forth with blains upon man and upon beast, throughout all the land of Egypt.”


(76 approximation)

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