Origin of English word BUCKET

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jug, jar, cruse, bottle


Anglo-Saxon buc is a pitcher or bucket.

בקבוק BahQBOOQ is the "jug" of IKings14:3.  In modern Hebrew the term means a bottle. Forgetting that this once was a wide-mouthed container, Israeli linguists use a folk etymology as a favorite example of how words are echoic – since some emptying bottles make a sound like “buck-buck. “  To the dismay of those who trivialize vocabulary as mere signals that evolved with usage, there is an elaborate family of bilabial-guttural and guttural-bilabial hollow recentacles.  בקיעה   BiQeeY[A]H is a fissure (Isaiah 22:9).  בוקק BOAQeQ is to empty.


BASIN comes from Latin bacca (bowl or water vessel). Just as a BASIN can mean a valley, BiQ[A}h means valley or gorge. The large family of  bilabial-guttural, B/V + C/G/K, VACUUMS and VACANCIES includes: BAG, BEAKER, BIGGIN, BOX, BUCCAL, EVACUATE, VACATE, VAGABOND, VAGINA, VAGRANT and that temporary "valley" at the back of a moving ship - a WAKE.

BiQeey[A] is a crack, BiQ[A]H is a valley (Joshua 11:17). The famously troublesome family in Lebanon is named Bikaa. A valley (a natural container or bucket) is a buca in Fijian, and a fa(n)ga in proto-Polynesian.  BOOKaH is a desolate, emotional emptiness, while BOOGHaH (boil, blister – see BUBBLE) is a Bilabial-Guttural biological vacuum.  For related P-K containers like POKE, POCKET and POX, see PIT

Reverse to K-V for the large family of CAVities seen at CAVITY. The Italian hole is thus a buco. (Elaine Feffer)

Also see BEAKER and VACATE.   In Japanese this depressed bilabial-gutural is FK: fukai (deep, profound); fukasa (depth) . 

Bible Verses

I Kings 14:3 ולקחת בידך עשׂרה לחם ונקדים ובקבק דבשׁ ובאת אליו הוא יגיד לך מה־יהיה לנער׃

“And take with thee ten loaves, and biscuits, and a cruse of honey, and go to him; he will tell thee what shall become of the child.”


( 1228)

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