Origin of English word BUG

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The word BUG is addressed in the entry: BOTANY

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BOTANY is from Greek botane (a plant or herb). Nabat in Arabic is a plant.

The NBT root in Hebrew in­cludes     נבט   NahBHaDT (sprout), both a noun and a verb of germinating and sprouting. בטן      BoaDTeN are nuts in Genesis43:11. An anagram of NBT is BTN; many such (Hebrew #1 to English #3) anagrams are seen in the appendix.


Plant in Turkish is nebat; vegetable is nabati in Indonesian. NeBH(eG) is a fungus  – see  FUNGUS.

The initial Noon / N of Hebrew roots often drops. See VIDEO. A "sprout" is used, as is BUD, to infer a child. BahT (child, daughter, suburb) extends this B-T family of outgrowths  – see  FETUS and PEDIATRICIAN. (BahDTBaiDT is to swell and BeDTeN is the womb or belly. Reversing BT reveals the Indo-European base tubh behind Latin tuber (swelling, lump) and English PROTUBERANCE (see PROTUBERANCE), TRUFFLE and TUBER.  PiT(oaM) is another botanical protrusion, referring to the BUTTON or BUTT end of fruit  – see  "BUTTON". At “PROTERANCE”is the TSad-Bhet-Hey synonym of the same Bhet-Tet sound and sense here, in the (reversing to)  dental-bilabial TSaBHaH (to swell – Numbers 5:22)

Despite BT plants like  BoaDTeN (NUTS) and Arabic batatis (potato), we're told that the Haitian term batata (sweet potato) gave us the POTATO.

The dictionary links BEETLE to BUD (a swelling) and then says that BUG is a confused form of Anglo-Saxon budda (beetle). One might link BUG with BahQaH (small insect) and Arabic baqqa, bedbuig. There is nothing wrong with an Edenic term found in Arabic and not in older Semitic.  The Talmudic Bet-Koof insect word may be linked to a reversal of the Biblical bug GOABH (translated as locust). BahD is a tree limb. In a dental shift, the D shifts to T.

In Japanese, there is budo (grape) and botan (peony).

See BAT and WEED.

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