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The dictionaries come closest at the third definition of BUNT (the bellying part of a square sail) when they cite Middle Dutch bunt (a binding bundle) and English BUND. More than baby clothes or World Series drapery, the essence of BUNTING may be seen in the BUNTLINE (a rope to prevent a sail from bellying).

The cloth strip that BINDS or BUNDLES a person is a belt.

אבנט  AhBHNaiDT is the belt, girdle, or sash that the priests wear in Exodus29:9. See BIND.


A BAND and a BANDAGE are related cloth BINDINGS. The CUMMERBUND, attributed to Hindi and Per­sian, is precisely this sash for the waist.

(CUMMER)BUND is tied in with BAND, BANANA, BEND, BIN (see BIN), BOND, BUND and BUNDLE at the Indo-European “root” bhendh (to bind). The Persian is bando and the Sanskrit is bandha. A FUND (ready money) is not from Latin fundus (bottom), but from FOONDaH (a "borrowing" from Latin in Talmudic Hebrew). The Latin term for a place to keep one's ready money is also the term for a belt, purse or money belt. The origin of this belt word is our same ABHNaiDT. The bilabial F shifts to Bhet, and the Tet/DT renders a D or T.  FUND (money belt) and ABHNaiDT are  just a Noon/N and letter shifts away from  OFahD (to gird – see PAD).

To arrive at BELT, affect a Noon/N → L shift – see  appendix B.  [V]eDTeN means womb (Genesis30:2—see VENTRICLE), belly, bowels or "bulge" (in a non-anatomical usage in IKings7:20).  The VNT of VENTER (abdomen, belly or womb) is simply a #2-#3 letter swap or an M132 metathesis of the Hebrew Bhet-Tet-Noon .  BHaDTBHaiDT is to swell.   Fighting the battle of the bulge is the A[V]NeDT (belt , or WAISTBAND), related to [V]eDTeN by metathesis, according to Lt. Col. Yehoshua Steinberg. The AhBHNaiDT keeps the  BHeDTeN (belly) from bulging ( BOALaiDT – see BOULDER).  The Tagalog (Philippines) abdomen, stomach is the tiyan.

For the other, striking kind of BUNTING at a baseball game, see BUTT

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Michael   2/9/2012 5:48:00 AM
Buntes ~ Colourful. vielfältiges und buntes Angebot ~ varied and colourful offer

Essy   12/27/2011 9:47:00 AM
One or two to remebmer, that is.

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