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The versatile preposition BY was spelled bi and be in Middle English and Anglo-Saxon. It means near, beside, during, etc. and is also an adverb.

 ב- Bet- , the common prefix, is pronounced BIH, BAH, BAW, BEH and BEE and it means “ in”, BY, at or WITH.   We are told to study and teach God's words even when we "walkest by the way." ( בדרך    Ba’DeReKH) - Deuteronomy6:17.  More Bet at WITH.


Another form of BY (to the amount or degree) is seen in PeeY. "By the number of" appears in Genesis47:12as (iI)PHeeY. [A]hL PE means “according to” or BY. Russian po means at, BY or next to, and Greek  p / pi is related to the proportional BY seen above. EPI- words like EPIDERMIS, EPISTLE or EPHEMERAL should be related.

Bet/ B’ also means "in," as does w or we in Polish. Greek epi (at, on, upon, besides, etc.) is a spacial term, as are PoaH (here, hither) and  AYPHoaH (where?). 

POU STO is "a place to stand on," "a basis of operations." The words are directly from Greek, and a saying of Archimedes. Greek pou means "where," like Hebrew AYPHoaH (Genesis37:16). Latin ubi, French ou (ou) and Fijian vei all mean "where." ALIBI and UBIQUITOUS are from Latin ubi (where) and ibi (there).

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