Origin of English word CADDY

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sturdy leather, animal skin bag (often translated “pitcher”); literally means blunt, obtuse


A CADDY is a container, not merely someone who shleps golf bags. Like a KIT (see KIT), these guttural-dental container words originally meant a bucket or small tub, as seen in the Middle Dutch term kitte (a container, akin to the KID). כד   KahD is a pitcher for drawing water in Genesis24:19.  The Biblical כד KahD was a sturdy leather, animal-skin bag, and only translated “pitcher” by the British scholars of the KJV who only knew of drawing water with a porcelin vessel. The  rounded leather כד Kahf-Dalet echoes both the guttural-dental of  roundness ( כדור KaDOOR is a ball – see ACUTE) and the חץ Het-Tsadi  (exterior) that gave us HIDE (skin – see HIDE).

The ALBATROSS is the Portuguese version of Arabic al (the) qadus (bucket). Greek kados (cask, jar) is "probably of Semitic origin" according to Webster's.


The CADDY (container), KETTLE (from a deep vessel term, no Indo-European root, and Latin catillus (pot) is also a  כד KahD) and SCUTTLE all fit in the same tub. Greek kutos (a vessel) is the source of -CYTE and CYTO- words. The AHD listed these words at the Indo-European “root” (s)keu, to cover, conceal – see HIDE. In Thai a bottle is koo-ut, while a water pail is tahng namn. The N-M reverses MaYiM (water – see MIAMI), and T-G reverses (a nasalized) form of our K-D KahD.  The Spanish pitcher, cantaro, is also a nasalized KahD.  Japanese reverses Kahf-Dalet to teoke (bucket).  Kad is a tub in Hungarian.

English “kidney” is likely named as this baglike container in the body, another  כד    KahD.  The Polish kidney is named for its semi-circular, harplike shape; nerka is an M 231 metathesis of כנור   KiNOAR (harp – Genesis 4:21

Bible Verses

Genesis 24:18 ותאמר שׁתה אדני ותמהר ותרד כדה על־ידה ותשׁקהו׃

“And she said: ‘Drink, my lord;’and she hastened, and let down her pitcher upon her hand, and gave him drink.”



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