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The Anglo-Saxon coecil meant a little cake; the Indo-European “root,” kak (a round object, disk) , suggests lumps and round things.

  ככר   KeeKaR is a "loaf" in Exodus29:23; the term desig­nates a traffic circle in Israel today.     רקיק   RiQeeYQ (a probable influence on CRACKER) is the small "cake" of Exodus29:2 - establishing KK as the two-letter root. An important double-guttural "cake" for the COOKING words below, in Genesis18:6, is the  עוגה GHOOGaH  -- used for COOKIE in Modern Hebrew. עוג    GHOOG  forms the round  מעוג   MaGHAOG (cake), and is a verb of baking (and thus cooking) in Ezekiel 4:12.    עוג GHOG means “to form round”  to Hatkavy.  Related  tothis double-guttural roundness  is   חוג   [K]HOOG  (circle)   – see  HOG.


עגל Ayin-Gimel-Lamed ,  G HeGoaL is round – see  CIRCLE. The Indo-European “root” kak puts CAKE, COOKY, COCKAIGNE, KUCHEN, and QUICHE in the same pan. Yiddish KUGEL may be added. Reverse  [O]oWGaH (cake, now with the vowel Ayin ) to approximate Chinese gau (cake).  CAKE is served in Denmark is kage, in Germany as Kuchen, Sweden as kaka, Finland as kaakku and Greece as ke’ik.

Even though a CUPCAKE is baked, not cooked, one must hear the many double-guttural COOKING words in IE.  For example, to COOK in Czech is kuchar, in Danish and Dutch is kok, in German is koch, and in Italian is cuoco. The Rumanian bucatar  (cook) is also a Romance languge like Italian, but the Rumanian word may be an M231 of   טבח   TaBaK[H], cook in Hebrew and Arabic (tabbach).Unusually,  Indonesian koki (cook) prefers the Edenic Ayin-Gimel to the Arabic. The more common Hebrew word for cook, boil or boil is בשל   BaSH eL (boil, cook, roast – Exodus 12:9 – see BOLSHEVIK) .  After a S-B, בשל   BaSH eL may be behind the “cake” words of Japanese, kwashi,  ans  Swahili mpishi..  The “cake” words of Spanish (pastel), Italian (pasta, whence PASTA) and Japanese (reflect another Edenic Bet + fricative: בצק    Ba י TS eQ (dough – Exodus 12:39) – see PASTA..

Bible Verses

Exodus 29:23 וככר לחם אחת וחלת לחם שׁמן אחת ורקיק אחד מסל המצות אשׁר לפני יהוה׃

“and one loaf of bread, and one cake of oiled bread, and one wafer, out of the basket of unleavened bread that is before the LORD.” (JPS)



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