Origin of English word CALORIE

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CALORIE is allegedly from the Indo-European “root” kela (warm).

קלה QaLaH is to roast, parch, toast (Jeremiah29:22), קלי QaLeeY is "roasted grain" (JPS) or "parched corn" (KJ), the fastfood corn that fieldhand Ruth ate in Ruth2:14.  חרה   K[H]aRaH is to burn; KOOR is a furnace – see CHAR, KILN and SCAR for more antonyms of the cold KR root ). – see   קר KahR, cold, at CRYOGENICS.

Arabic haar means hot (temperature). Latin caldus (warm) is the opposite of like-sounding COLD because the original language (Edenic) has built-in antonyms like  קלי QaLeeY (toast, roast ).


Also from the so-called Indo-European “root” kela (warm) come words like CALENTURE, CAL­DRON, CALENTURE, CAUDLE, NONCHALANT and RECALESCENCE. Caliente is a hot Spanish relative. In Australian Aborigine kallais fire and kullu is heat. Cald is Italian and Rumanian for hot, no matter how cold it sounds.   K'alhi means to become hot in Zuni, an Amerind isolate of New Mexico.  Shifting the guttural and liquid, h arr in Arabic means "warm."

Many words included under this Indo-European “root” require additional twists of imagination, such as LEE, CHOWDER and CHAFE ( see "CHAFE.)"   (S)CAL(D) and LUKEWARM  (KL reversed) are cognates that fit here. See ALKALI, CALDRON and CHAR.

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