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camel, largest Mideast animal


After citing Greek Kamelos, the dictionary concedes the obvious "Semitic origin" here.        גמל    GaMahL is a camel (Genesis24:64). The Hebrew    ג Gimel /G is often a K in Greek and other Western tongues (Gimel graphically resembles a backwards K.) The CAMEL, the “ship of the desert” and the region’s primary work animal is named for work: עמל GHaMaL (I Chronicles 7:35).

Reverse עמל [A]MaL, now with ע Ayin as a vowel, to get  the CAMELOID work animal of the Andes: the  LLAMA.  Llama is a Quechua (Inca) word, but like most non-descriptive animal names, the meaning of the name is unknown.


GayML(OAN) is an arched gable; GoaLeM is a clump, lump or idiot (GML → GLM),  GHaRayMaH is a pile or heap; QaMaR is to vault or arch (GML → KMR). Specifically regarding the camel's HUMP -the alleged Indo-European “root” is qum-b, based on a Sanskrit word beginning "k-u-m."

GAMMA rays are fromGaMaL in that the third Greekletter is named for Hebrew's 3rd letter, the GIMEL, which is named for the GAMAL (camel).

Just as the CAMEL is made for GHaMaL (work), the CAMION (truck) is a mechanized pack animal.

The CAMELEOPARD is a giraffe.  The camel and giraffe are the largest beast in their region. For the CAMEL’s large size (and disposition), see MEGALOMANIAC.

 CAMLET is from Arabic khamlat (pile, plush) and CAMISE is from Arabic qamis - being cloth and clothes of camel hair. The dictionaries do not go on to link CAMISOLE, CHEMISE and possibly CAMOUFLAGE (a CAMEL-HAIR cover would hide one in the desert, not in France) to the CAMEL. For more English words from the CAMELBACK shape, see CAMERA

GaMaL (camel) backwards is just about LLAMA, the CAMELOID animal named by the Peruvian Indians. (L → R) .RaMaKH(dromedary - Esther8:10) and (reversing RM)EeMRAh (sheep in Aramaic) are secondary etymons for LLAMA. LANOLIN (from Latin land or wool) and TSeMeR (wool) also come to mind. The GUANA(CO) is the Quechua Indian name for their cameloid animal.

CAMLET is a cloth from camel’s hair.  The French is camelot, so that most legendary of English place-names, CAMELOT, is from Gimel-Mem-Lamed.

Bible Verses

Genesis 24:64 ותשׂא רבקה את־עיניה ותרא את־יצחק ותפל מעל הגמל׃

“And Rebekah lifted up her eyes, and when she saw Isaac, she alighted from the camel.”



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David   3/27/2012 8:20:00 PM
Wikipedia sites that LLAMA in the past was also spelled LAMA or GLAMA. GLAMA obviously has the complete root word letter set intact. We are talking about a word preserved before Columbus arrived.

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