Origin of English word CANOPY

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overhanging “skirt,” covering, bed covering, wing,


CANOPY (protective covering) is from Greek konopion mosquito net. For KN GNA(T) and mosquito terms see GNAW. 

כנף KNaP(H) means an overhanging "skirt," covering, bed covering (Leviticus23:1) or (protective) wing (Ruth3:9).  Harkavy defines כנף   KaNahPH  as to cover or hide (Isaiah30:20). Arabic kanafa is to protect, cover or surround. כנף  KaNaPH is a wing  While Genesis 1:21 stresses the anatomical wings of birds,  the Hebrew Bible often uses the metaphor of being “under protective wings,” as in Psalms 17:8

כנף   KaNaF is a  molecule of meaning made up of two overlapping chemical elements.  The first subroot,   כ-נ   Koof-Noon,  means a base, pedestal or socket (Exodus 30:28, I Kings 7:21, Isaiah 33:23.  These are anatomically correct terms for the first element of an arm or wing. The second subroot,   נ-ף Noon-Phey means”to wave or fan” –Exodus 35:22 – see FAN.  The wing of a bird fans the air.


In Bambara (Mali) , a Hamitic language, the word for wing is only a nasal shift away kamap ura.  In the Malay archipelago the word for “wing” in Waiyr is nifako – an M231 meathesis of KaNaF (wing). Wings are arms or extensions, whether of buildings or of birds.  The reconstructed “arm” word in the Eurasiatic superfamily (Portugal to Japan) is konV.

KiNaF is much like another guttural-Noon-Pey, GHaNaF (branch – Leviticus 23:40).  Both a wing and a branch are extensions, like the wing of a building or a branch office of a corporation. A Chinese canopy is

peng X 498. Reverse g,n,.p to get under KaNahPH.       

Bible Verses

Ruth 3:9 ויאמר מי־את ותאמר אנכי רות אמתך ופרשׂת כנפך על־אמתך כי גאל אתה׃

“And he said: ‘Who art thou?’ And she answered: ‘I am Ruth thine handmaid; spread therefore thy skirt over thy handmaid; for thou art a near kinsman.’”

Psalm 17:8 שׁמרני כאישׁון בת־עין בצל כנפיך תסתירני׃

“Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me in the shadow of Thy wings,”



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