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A small hat


CAP is flopped onto the so-called Indo-European “root” kaput (head).

Not to disturb traditionalists in Jerusalem or Rome, but the Arabic COIF or headdress, the kafia, should predate the כפה   KeePaH (skullcap, yarmulke). While not found in the Hebrew Bible, many relevant Guttural-Bilabial terms are cut from the same cloth. See the large family of concave K-BH/F/P words at CAVE. One chapeau (hat in French) in the Bible is the קובע QOABH[A]h (helmet) worn by Saul in ISamuel17:38. Hat is also    כובעא KOABHGHAh in Aramaic and Syriac.. As seen below, that end-Ayin is often rendered as the guttural GH. Semitic K-P hats/caps also include the Arabic qoubaa, the Ethiopic qobe (turban) and the Hittite kupahi.


Other versions of the guttural-bilabial QOABH[A]h  קובע (hat, headgear) include the, Swahili kofia, ,  Spanish and Portuguese chapeu Polish kapelusz, Italian cappelo, French chapeau and the Modern Greek kape'llo.  In Igbo, the Hamitic language of Southern Nigeria. "hat” is okpu.  This popular K-P headgear is reversed in the Turkish hat, ayapka. The Y makes it sound more like an M231 metathesis of KeePaH, with its long vowel E. 

חפף [K]HaPHahPH is to cover, protect, shield (Deuteronomy 33:12).  Other guttural-bilabial coverings include חפה   K[H]ooPaH (canopy),  חפוי  K[H]aPHOOY (covered),KaPoaReT (cover, curtain), QaRKePHeT (skull, head) and GHa[V] (cloud).  The HOOPOO bird looks like its  head is covered by a CAPE.  Having feet uncovered is a guttural-bilabial, Het-Phey antonym, YaK[H]ePH.   CAPE, CHAPEL, CHAPERONE, CHAPLAIN and CHAPS are all covered here.  The two-letter root of Het-Pey shielding may be seen in  רחף Ra[K]HaiPH (to hover) at HOVER.


Many “hat” words display an added liquid (L,R) to the Edenic etymon.

Examples of an added L in cap-like “hat” words  include: Czech kLobouk, Hungarian kaLap, Slovak kLobak and Slovenian kLobuk.

Examples of an added R include: Estonian kabaR,  Latvian cepuRe, and  Lithuanuan kepuRa

More added liquids at entries like SLACK and ROBOT. 

The Lithuanian skryba has preceded the guttural with an inhistoric S.  Only its K-B and A are historic,. not unusual for that aprt of the world.

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