Origin of English word CARD

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[ KRD]


To smooth by scraping


To CARD is to smooth out by scraping with a metal comb or wire brush. Late Latin caritare (to card) is pared down to Latin carere (to comb) and the Indo-European “root” kars (to card).

Similarly,   קרד  QayRaD (to scrape, curry) and   גרד  GaRaD (to scrape, scratch - Job2:8) have a shorter form in    גרר GaRaR (to scrape, plane-IKings 7:9).  This GRR etymon is a fine source for CURRY.    קרצף     QaRTSaiF is also to curry.


To CURRY a horse's back with a hard CURRY­COMB is so similar to CARDING cloth that it is surprising to see CURRY missing from the listed derivatives of Indo-European kars (to card). Included are obscure terms like CARDOON, CARMINATIVE and CHARD. Even these plant words suggest the flat, stiff layers of papyrus that went into making a CARD, CARTON or CHART. It is common to name a product by the act of production, thus we add CARTOON, CARTIRIDGE, CARTOGRAM or CARTOGRAPH to words like GRADE, CARTE-BLANCHE, and CARTEL.

GHaDaR (to hoe) has reshuffled KRD to KDR.

See GRADE, RAKE (K-R backwards), (S)CRATCH and more at CHARACTER.

Animal skins were CARDED until they were suitable for use as parchment, the former “paper.” This why words for “paper” are forms of Koof-Resh-Dalet, such as Italian carta (like the Magna Carta), Rumanian hirtie, Serbo-Croat. hartija, Indonesian kertas, Modern Greek charti’ and Swahili karatasi.

If one if more inclined to think that a CARTON and CRATE are drawing in, gathering and contracting many items into one box, there is קלט QaLaDT (to draw in, gather in, S-L—Leviticus 22:23) and  MiQLaDT (refuge) in Numbers 35:6.

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