Origin of English word CARIBBEAN

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[K-L-BH → KRB]


The Carib Indians, their language, the CARIBBE­AN Sea, and CANNIBAL were all named for caribales (dogs) by Columbus - outraged at the man-eating natives then in Cuba and Haiti. The dictionary doesn't know why "dog" should sound like CARIB, so they add "as if from Latin cards (dog)."

It is now known that Columbus was a secret Jew. His first mate, Mendez, was brought along because a Jew who spoke Hebrew, (the acknowledged universal language or mother tongue), might be able to communicate with the alien peoples they would encounter. (See the turkey at "TOU­CAN" for Mendez' most enduring Hebrew coinage for a New World creature.) It is not clear where the slight L to R change originated, but dog in Hebrew is KeLeBH  ( Proverbs 26:11 ).   For the harder B sound, KaLBAh is the Aramaic term, kalb the Arabic.


Hearing KeLeBH as KRB has a pedigree going back to CEREBRUS, the three-headed dog guarian of hell in Greek mythology [ John Payawal ].  The same L to R change may have given us CUR (mongrel dog), whose etymology is unknown. Koira is a Finnish dog. The COLLIE (sheepdog), too, has only a folk etymology. The Fijian term for dog is koli. Reverse to luki for fox in Basque.

The dog-monster Scylla, from Greek (s)kylax (dog), remained a buried bone in the Indo-European backyard. Turn to the “SC” entries to see how many Ss before hard C or Ks are non-historic.  So Skylax is a KeLe(BH).

The wilder canines stress the back, not the front part, of KeLeBH.

See LOBO. The Polish wolf, though, reverses K-L-V to wilk.  An essay in The Origin of Speeches (Chapter 9) concerns wolf words from Kahf-Lamed-Bhet.

The loyal, brave, emotional dog is  KoL LaiBH (all heart), as was Biblical CALEB. In rap slang, one’s dogg is one’s loyal friend and constant companion.

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