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To CASEFY or affect CASEATION is the process of hardening and drying CASEIN into CHEESE.  These words don’t have an IE “root”, and CHEESE is guessed to be from Persian chiz thing.  There is a less cheesy way to get cheese.

Latin caseus means cheese; caso means curdled and coagulated. In other words, hardened.  See SACK for KS/SK terms of dryness.    קשה   QahSHeH means hard (Exodus7:3);   קש QahSH means straw; קש קש    QahSHQahSH means scales of fish or scale armor (ISamuel17:5).


For other Koof-Shin hard foods – see SQUASH and  ZUCCHINI.  For the larger family of guttural-fricative hardness,  see ENCASE.

קשה Qah SHeH also means the difficult hard; The "hard CAUSES" or difficult law CASES were to be brought to Moses in  Exodus18:26.   CASE means "a question or problem” (definition  number 6) ,  קשי QoaSHeeY means difficulty;    קשיה QooSH YaH means objection, question;

קשה    ה HeeQSHaH means to ask a difficult question. QUESTION  (see QUERY)  and ACCUSATION may be related  - taken up at both QUERY and SEEK (KS reversed).  Japanese koseimeans hardness; koshimeans examination.  In Irish  ceist means a question and difficulty.

קש QahSH  “straw” (hard grass) words gathered by FA from Amerind (so, reversed to S-K) include Andean   uqsaItza  su’uc ;  Mayan   su’úc ;   Quechua  siku  (cane, straw) ;  and  Yucatecan  suuc.

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