Origin of English word CAVITY

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to make a hole; a hole, perforation


Latin cavus (hollow) is the etymon for many words of CONCAVITY. (Ne)Qe[V] (hole, perforation) is also the verb "to bore" (IIKings12:10 -    נקבה NiQai[V]aH is female (Genesis 1:27), the receiving cavity in modern electronics terminology as well.    נקבה   NiQ[V]aH is a tunnel or passage;   קבה Qoa[V]aH is a female pudenda or womb (Numbers 25:8);  קבה Qai[V]aH is a stomach (Deuteronomy 18:3)    KHaiF is "hollow" in  Jeremiah 4:24, YeQeVis a wine cellar in Numbers 18:27, 30.  Egyptian is older than Hebrew , not Edenic ; their nasalized (extra M) Koof-Bet word for hollow is kamba. חפ Het-Phey holes at GOPHER.

Caves echo the Het-Bet words of concealment seen at HAVEN.

Combine our Koof-Bet or Bhet subroot of CAVITITES (especially the womb) with the Noon-Koof sub-root of crevises (see NOOK), and you can see why   נקבה   NiQaiBHaH means female.  VAGINA is allegedly a Latin sheath (IE “root” wag, sheath, cover), but it is an M321 or reversal of our Noon-Koof-Bhet  נקב .   Besides thinking of male chauvenist pigs, think of the outlets, etc. called “female” electronics.


QaB (eL) (to receive) is the source of words like  A CCEPT and RECEIVE. One affects (RE)CEIPT with the palm of the hand or the KahF (see CUFF). The source of COVE is Anglo-Saxon cofa (cave); a hollow rock or CAVE is a  KahF in Job 30;6;   French cave is  a cellar;   Goa[V] is a den (Daniel6:8). Qe[V](eR) is a grave;  Ga[V] is a pit. To EXCAVATE is K[H]aPH(aR) (to dig - Genesis21:30 – see GOPHER).

The IE “root” containing CAVE, CAVERN, CONCAVE, DECOY, EXCAVATE and GABION is keu or keua (so swell; vaul, hole).  French cellar is a cave. Chinese ku is a cave, hole or cavity.

VAGINAL words like Egyptian kns and Latin cunnus have reversed the Noon-Koof.

קבה   QayBHaH (stomach, body CAVITY) appears in the  Dutch kwabbe  (belly);  Eskimo naak  ( belly, from NK[V]);   Proto-Polynesian koopuu (belly);  the Igbo (Nigeria)   afo   (abdomen , stomach   -- ק   Koof dropped) and the Chinese fu  (belly).  The typically clipped and reversed K-V of Chinese has the word for “women” also as fu.  The dropped N is seen in Japanese  fugin (lady) --- more below.

The theme of  “woman as mere belly or CAVITY” is sadly the rule in Earth languages and cultures.

Only in Edenic is  EEYSHaH (woman) or  MaLKaH (queen) the equal and female counterpart of the EESH (man)  and  MeLeKH  (king). Even in English the woman is a womb-man or person with a cavity.  The British QUEEN is merely a royal hole.   Is the majestic British Queen really called by a cognate of Latin cunnus?

Chippewa (American Indian) ikwe is woman; Hawaiian wahine (woman) and Japanese fugin (lady), encountered above, require reversals of NKV plus Grimm's Law letter permutations. Fugin is  נקבה   NiQai(V) aH   (female) backwards.   A full three-letter reversal, or M321,  is not uncommon in Japanese.  QUEEN is a metathesized   נקב NeQe(V) (cavity) or נקבה   NiQai(V)aH   (female).   To help follow the M231 metathesis:  NQV→ QVN → QUN.  This concept becomes clearer in Norwegian  kvinna , woman.   It is from the same  M231 metatheis of  נקבה   NiQai(V)aH.  (The letter U is not a bilablial, but U/V confusion is exacerbated when chiseled Us are represented as straighter, easy–to-chisel Vs.) 

   To further see how mysogynist cultures consider women as mere cavities, see NOOK.    Favoring the NK side, the North Caucasian protoform for cave is iniq.   If a different guttural-bilabial word is behind some of these “woman” words, it might be        חוה K[H]aVaH (EVE – Genesis 4:1).  Vav is more likely to be dropped than Bhet, so EVE might be the mother of woman words like Blackfoot aki   and  Evenki/Tungus (Siberia) akhi.

The cavities, the pits and pock marks, not for pimples, of acne are likely why Japanese acne is nikibi. A more attractive facial depression with the same Edenic Koof-Bhet showing is the Japanese ekubo (dimple).  Therefore English ACNE as linked to Greek akme, a high point,is more likely exactly wrong. ACNE is most probably a reverse of Koof-Bhet pits and nadirs. A kM high point is from the Koof-Mem etymons like QaMaH, standing corn and QOOM, to stand up. This KM opposite of our NK root is seen in COMB, the top of a wave and crest of a rooster.     

The opposite of a curved CONCAVITY is a QaV (straight line). Reverse the K-V cavity root and see the emptiness of a word like VACATE.  See VACATE.

The main human CAVITY is the womb or belly, Qa[V]aH – Deuteronomy 18:3.  The Chinese belly has turned and contracted,  fu (belly)X 188 or stomach  X 186.  This diagnosis is made because of fuller bellies like Proto Polynesian koopuu (belly).


For  a reversal to BK holes, like Italian buco, see entries like BEAKER and BUCKET.

Bible Verses

II Kings 12:10 ויקח יהוידע הכהן ארון אחד ויקב חר בדלתו ויתן אתו אצל המזבח בימין בבוא־אישׁ בית יהוה ונתנו־שׁמה הכהנים שׁמרי הסף את־כל־הכסף המובא בית־יהוה׃

“And Jehoiada the priest took a chest, and bored a hole in the lid of it, and set it beside the altar, on the right side as one cometh into the house of the LORD; and the priests that kept the threshold put therein all the money that was brought into the house of the LORD.” (Alternative versions: II Kings 12:11)

Ezekiel 28:13 בעדן גן־אלהים היית כל־אבן יקרה מסכתך אדם פטדה ויהלם תרשׁישׁ שׁהם וישׁפה ספיר נפך וברקת וזהב מלאכת תפיך ונקביך בך ביום הבראך כוננו׃

“thou wast in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the carnelian, the topaz, and the emerald, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the carbuncle, and the smaragd, and gold; the workmanship of thy settings and of thy sockets was in thee, in the day that thou wast created they were prepared.”



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