Origin of English word CHAFE

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English Word


Edenic Word


Hebrew Word







[SH- F]


bruise, crush, grind, rub and polish


To CHAFE is to rub. The given etymon, Latin calere (to be warm), attempts to link rubbing with warmth. Words like CHAFING DISH (a food warmer) and CHAUF­FEUR (literally, an engine stoker) are allegedly cognates of CHAFE. They do not infer rubbing and they, too, don't sound at all like calere.

  שפשוף SHiFSHOOF is to rub or polish.    שף SHahF (Genesis3:15) means to bruise, crush, grind (grain) rub and polish.


It is the Hebrew root Shin-Phey SH-F, not the Indo-European “root” kel (to be warm), which speaks to words like CHAFER, CHAFE, CHEW, and COCKCHAFER. Reversing SF recalls Indo-European “root” bhes (to rub) and derivatives EPSILON, SABULOUS, SAND and UPSILON. Greek psen is to rub or scrape.

An alleged cognate of CHAFE, CHAUFFEUR, appears far clos­er to  (Da)K[H]aF (to drive, hasten, incite - Psalms140:12).

(S)CUFFLE, from Old Norse (s)kufa (to push, shove), is ultimately from Hebrew terms like  DaK[H]aF (to push) and K[H]aFaF (to rub, comb, wash). The sea shore, K[H]OAF, is where the sea CHAFES, rubs, grinds and cleans. In Japanese fuchi meansedge or bank . These last three Edenic words offer alternative KH-F etymons for CHAFE.

American Indian words of rubbing clean include cop(aiba) (Tupi) and cop(al) (Nahuatl).

Bible Verses

Genesis 3:15 ואיבה אשׁית בינך ובין האשׁה ובין זרעך ובין זרעה הוא ישׁופך ראשׁ ואתה תשׁופנו עקב׃

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; they shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise their heel.”



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