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[GH-DT → KT]


There is no Indo-European “root” for either the garment COAT or a COAT of paint (outer covering).  Dictionaries cite nothing older than Old French cote and Late Latin cotta.

If a Latin tie-in to a fabric like COTTON is involved, see the  כת Kahf-Tahf  Edenic etymon at COTTON.  If a French tie-in to an outer edge is involved, see the   קץ Koof-Tsadi Edenic etymon  at COAST.  More likely, the etymon is the   עט Ayin-Tet of wrapping oneself,   עטה GHaDTaH.

The Lord is "clothed...wrapped in a robe of light" in Psalms104:1-2.   A mantle is a מעטה     M’GHaDTeH or M’[A]DTeH in Hebrew; in Arabic a coat is a mitaf – bothextended from this    עט Ayin-Tet sub-root of protective wrapping.  

Our OVERCOAT is related to the “coats” of skin  (wings) draped around the bat and the vulture in repose.  The bat is the    עטלף   GHa DTaLeF (Leviticus 11:19), and  an  עיט   GHaYiDT is a vulture (Genesis 15:11).  These עט    Ayin-Tet creatures are named for the עט    Ayin-Tet of cloaking oneself.


A relatedguttural-dental word is   חוץ K[H]OOTS (exterior – see HIDE. )  Unlike the Swahili that presumably had to borrow koti (coat) from English, the Finnish reversal of KT, takki (coat), is no borrowing.  It is one of many senseless “coincidences”  in secular linguistics or of the many sensible patterned proofs of Edenic.    A COATING of paint may not be an extension of an OVERCOAT, and might be a reversed dental-guttural of   טח DTahK[H], to be besmeared, coated, and  טיח  DTeeYaK[H],  plaster, coating (Ezekiel 13:12). German Tunche, whitewash, is a nasalization of this white, Biblical HOUSECOAT.  

The Maya cloak is a qeton. If named for its fabric – see COTTON .

  Reversable  guttural-dental coats include the Finnish coat: takki.

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