Origin of English word COMMON

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[ KM]


as, like


This COMMON word is from Latin com (together, with).  French comme, Irish cumme and Spanish comoare even more COMPLETELY COMPARABLE with כמו KiMoW (as, like - Genesis41:39),  עם GHeeM (with - Genesis 24:58), and    גם GahM (also - Genesis3:6). The essence of togetherness, of COMMUNITY, is the Ayin-Mem, עם GHahM (nation, people – Genesis 17:14).

 Joining the Ayin-Mem/GH-M guttural-nasals of togetherness are words like עמה GHooMaH (union, junction, beside, near, over against – II Samuel 16:13), עמית GHaMeeYT (neighbor, fellow, associate – Leviticus 5:21) and עמם GHaMaM (bind, unite, cover together – Ezekiel 31:8).


COM- and CON- are prolific prefixes. The COMBINING form within COMPANY, COMPETE, and a whole COMPLEX of COMPANION terms reduces down to the prefix CO-. Similarly, ‘ כ Kaph / K' is a prefix letter in Hebrew meaning "as," "like," or "approximately."

A CUM LAUDE (with praise) graduate owes that Latin "with" to עם GeeM (with).

Latin cum, with, is thought to come from an Indo-European “root” kom (beside, near, by, with).  Two of the listed cognates of CUM are not absurd.  One is KOINE, from Greek koinos, common (only a nasal shift from our etymons. The other is COUNTRY, which echos  עם GHahM (nation, people).

The Ayin-Mem terms, along with   גם GahM (also), is related to "together" words like GAM-, GAMETE, GEMINI, JAM and JOIN.

Cyn is “as” in Welsh. Cooma means "together" in Australian Aborigine. The prefix in COENOCYTE is from Greek koinos (common). CENOBITE (a monk) is from the same Greek source.

The more COMMON prefix is the related HOMO-, from Greek homos (the same). Again, the Hebrew gutturals above prove to be HOMOGENEOUS with the English H. Hebrew offers insights into English HOMOGRAPHS, HOMONYMS AND HOMO­PHONES. HOMEOPATH displays a variant of HOMO-, while the Greek homos is almost invisible in ANOMALY.

The suffix -kin means "too", "also" and "likewise" in Finnish. AKIN and AGAIN may be distant kin.

The IE “root” kom (with, near, beside) is from עם [E]eM (with, close to - Genesis 24:58). The root includes CO-, COENO- and COM- words, CON, CONTRA-, CONTRARY, COUNTER, COUNTRY (GHahM is a people or nation), CUM, ENCOUNTER and ENOUGH.

Guttural Ayin-Mem/GH-M may reverse and shift to German machen, to fit together, make. This allows us to link MAKE to Ayin-Mem.      

“With” in Arabic reverses עם [E]eM (with ): ma’a.

Note the reversal of עם [E]eM (back to the Ayin as vowel) in Indo-Pacific words for "with" - me (Hawaiian), ma (Tahitian and Samoan) - and the Japanese term for "together" (mei). Ma  is “also” in Igbo (Nigeria).  Back to a guttural Ayin, Kuma is "together" in Australian Aborigine. Together  is gahn in Thai, a reverse of Ayin-Mem עם GHeeM.  Japanese does have a related guttural-nasal; kumiai means association or union.

אמה OoMaH, nation, people (also Aramaic), sounds like עם [A]hM, people (Exodus 15:13). The first shares maternity (see MA), while the second is akin to the themes of with, togetherness and COMMONALITY here.

Made cognates of CU M, English CONTRA- or French cont re  could be from NeGeD (against) – an M213 metathesis or hard-CNT from NKT from NGD.

Edenic כמו KiMOA (like, as) is abbreviated to just Kaph as a prefix. K’ means as, like, or about. From this adjective K’ naturally became an interrogative meaning “like what?” or “about what?”  Both Hebrew KaMaH? (Genesis 15:8 – an extension of MaH, what?) and Arabic ( kam ?)  mean “how much?” or “how many?  Similar are many Romance words, like Spanish que (what), may have thusly developed from this Kaph or its opposite: KoH, thus (Isaiah 49:22).

Bible Verses

Genesis 41:39 ויאמר פרעה אל־יוסף אחרי הודיע אלהים אותך את־כל־זאת אין־נבון וחכם כמוך׃

“And Pharaoh said unto Joseph: ‘Forasmuch as God hath shown thee all this, there is none so discreet and wise as thou.’”



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