Origin of English word CONGLOMERATE

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shapeless matter, a fetus, a lump


Latin conglomerare is to roll together; glomus is a ball. The Indo-European “root” gel- 1 means “to form  into a ball.”

גלם GoLahM is to wrap, fold together -IIKings2:8;

GaLaL is to roll (Isaiah34:4).  A big business CON­GLOMERATE may be a well-ordered operation, but a CONGLOMERATION in geology, for instance, means "clustered into a rounded mass." גלם GoLeM is shapeless matter, a fetus or a lump (Psalms139:16) - hence a term for clods or blockheads.

The Indo-European “root” isgel (to form into a ball). In Hebrew there's: גלגל GahLGahL (wheel),  GiLGOOL (rolling), גליל GaLeeYL (spool, cylinder, and the rolling hills or the Galilee), גלל GaLaL (dung) and GahL (wave, pile).  A גל GahL (Job38:28) is a collection or drop of material. More guttural-liquid collections at CULL.


The alleged IE “root” is an AGGLOMERATE, with too many loosely-fit “cognates” like CLOD and CLEAT which are found at CLOT.  Words under the “root” gel  that  do deserve mention are: CLUB (see below), CLUMP, CLEW, CLOWN, CLUE, GLOBE (see below), GLOBULE, CLAM, CLAMBER, CLAMP, CLIMB, CLENCH, CLINCH, CLING, CLUTCH, CLAY, GLEET, GLEY, GLUE and GLUTINOUS.

CLUB and CLAP maye be related to KLahPH (a verb of driving in Arabic and a noun associated with hammers in Psalms 74:6 ( Robert Govett 1869).

JUM(B)LE is more likely a jumble of GLM, with the Gimel/G pronounced like the Yemenite Jimel, than a "merging of jump with tumble, fumble, etc." (Webster's).

With a Noon-to-L shift, Ayin-Noon-Bhet (defined by Harkavy as “GLOBULAR,” could render GLOBE; ענב GHaNaBH is a grape in Genesis 40:10.

Bible Verses

Psalms 139:16 גלמי ראו עיניך ועל־ספרך כלם יכתבו ימים יצרו ולא אחד בהם׃

“Thine eyes did see mine unformed substance, and in Thy book they were all written - even the days that were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.”



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