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take a handful


To COP is to seize; a COP is the fellow paid to seize those who COP (slang for steal). The given etymon is "probably" Latin capere (to take). 

חפן K[H]aPHaN (to take a handful - Exodus9:8) and כף   KahF (palm of the hand) point to a KH-P two-letter root.   פח     PahK[H] (trap-Ecclesiastes 9:12) and  HayPHahK[H] (to ensnare) - reverse KH-P to P-KH. Related is GYPING or COPPING . קפח    QoPHa[K]H is to rob, exploit or withhold wages, but is not directly a Biblical word.

Another K-P Edenic source for the CAPTIVATING words found at Indo-European “root” kap (to grasp) is    קפץ   QaPHaTS (to shut the hand, to draw together – Deuteronomy 15:7).  The Koof-Pey root of squeezing together is seen with קפא QaPHAh (to contract, coagulate – Exodus 15:8).  קבץ   QaBeTS, to gather (Deuteronomy 30:3) is a synonym by bilabial shift.


While CAPABLE, CAPACIOUS and CAPACITY seem to belong with Latin capere and the Hebrew words of hand - CAPACITY, there are terms like CAPTIVATE, CAPTIVE, and CAPTURE that suggest a K-P-T root. These KPT words, may be related to, via metathesis, to  חטף K [H]aDTaPH (to snatch, catch, or  seize – Judges 21:21). Chinese grasping or receiving is bing --  reverse and subtract the nasalization to get a GB term that belongs here. (The “ceiv”  of RECEIVE is a relevant guttural-bilabial.) 

To PINCH is also slang for stealing. Put the Het after the Phey-Noon to feel PINCH.

 For more on guttural-bilabialterms of grabbing, see words like CAPTURE at CUFF. For other Phey-Noon hand words with the Het of K[H]aPHaN shifted to the end, see FIN and PUGNACIOUS.  Armenian kap means “I seize.”  Italian chiappare  is to catch.

Bible Verses

Exodus 9:8 ויאמר יהוה אל־משׁה ואל־אהרן קחו לכם מלא חפניכם פיח כבשׁן וזרקו משׁה השׁמימה לעיני פרעה׃

“And the LORD said unto Moses and unto Aaron: ‘Take to you handfuls of soot of the furnace, and let Moses throw it heavenward in the sight of Pharaoh.’”



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