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Middle, essence


The CORE of fruit contains the seeds.  עקר [A]QeR, in Leviticus25:47, means seed or offspring. To CORE a fruit is to remove its seedcase. עקר [O]QahR is to uproot (Ecclesiastes3:2);  עקרה    [A]QaRaH is barren (Genesis11:30).

The textbook etymon is a "probably" for Latin cor (heart), making CORE and COURAGE to be cognates. CORE has no Indo-European “root”.

עקר [E]eQoR (root, principal, stump, nerve - Leviticus25:47, Daniel4:12) is the essence or CORE of a thing. Greek kardia (heart, stomach, orifice) implies a central pit in our anatomy. A pit or grape-stone is a חרצן K[H]aRTS(aN).  חריץ K[H]aReeYTS is a trench. קרב QaRoBH means close; קרב QeReBH is innards (see CRAW.)   חרד K[H]aReD (to tremble) is the source of many heart words – see CARDIO and HEART.


An extended form is MaQOAR (source, spring, origin). GaReeYN is a fruit core or kernel, sharing a K-R core with K[H]oRZ(aN) -a grape kernel. Avraham Van Riper sees the Resh-Koof exclusivity of CORE and “essence” as linked to RahQ, but, only – Genesis 6:5.

Corazon , center and heart in Spanish, might also link up with a #1-#2 letter flip of markaz in Arabic or  (Me)RKaZ (center). Whether seen as seat of human emotions or of blood cir­culation, the heart is our  RaKaZaT (switchboard).  K[H]aRTSoaBH is pain (Psalms73:4)

While French cor  or Italian cuore (heart) and COURAGE may sound related to CORE, the Indo-European herd (heart) and its alleged derivatives all belong  at CARDIO.  If these cultures treat “heart” like “the essential, inner part,” then they may from עקר [E]eQoR rather then חרד K[H]aReD ,

The Russian and Slavic word for "root" is koren.

A'kar is a root in Malay. Other forms of  [E]eQaR or GHeeQaR (root) include Hungarian gyoker and Finnish juuri. Reverse KR and change R to W for the Fijian root (waka); it links up with Malay: Teor woki (root) and (reversing letters) Malay: Mysol aikowa (root).

For an agricultural like-sounding kernel, see GRAIN.  For an emotional Koof-Resh tie-in, see CHERISH.

CORE is also a verb of removing the core, as from an apple. [E]eQOAR is more “tearing up,” but NaQoaR  can mean plucking or gouging out, and so is closer. The Aramaic-Syriac is specifically hewing or hollowing out.  

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