Origin of English word CORONA

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A shining halo, as in the Statue of Liberty


Anything crown-like, such as the halo of light around the sun, is a CORONA. Latin corona is a crown, but the experts have erred in citing Greek korone (anything curved or bent, wreath  – see  CURVE.).

Both CORONA and the CROWN are named for hornlike rays of extending light and not for any circle these rays might form. קרן QeReN is a ray, extension, or horn. קרן QoaReN means shining and radiating (emitting a CORONA of light beams); "Moses' face was radiant in Exodus 34:29-30. Michelangelo's statue of Moses shouldn't have included two horns on the head. He needed 7 or 8 extensions or rays of light to resemble the CORONA-CROWN on the Statue of Liberty. The original CROWNS were not bejeweled hats, like some CORONETS, but were raised spikes or horns connected by a band.

Habukuk3:4 offers a resplendent CORONA which will help art historians understand the halos of light crowning saints, etc.: "His splendor fills the earth. It is a brilliant light which gives off rays on every side - and therein His glory is enveloped--"   קרנים QaRNaYiM.   The   ק-ר Koof-Resh/QR hard core of קרן QeReN is at UNICORN.


A COROLLA or garland of flower petals (another example of Hebrew Noon/ N, which looks like an L in the mirror, flipping over to an L) reinforces the picture of a CROWN as projectiles ringing a center rather than the CROWN as a ring or flat tiara. The KRL of COROLLA might also link up with K'LeeYL (garland, crown).

Since QoaReN is shining, other bright and beaming things to consider include the CARNATION, CORNEA, CRANBERRY, GERANIUM, GLANCE, GLEAM, GLIMPSE, GRAY (also from the Indo-European “root” gher (to shine, glow), GREEN, KRONA (and other coin words).

In Japanese there’s  akari (light, lamp), akarui (bright, light) and akaruku naru ( brighten up). Japanese hikari precisely means a ray or beam of light, like the קרן QeReN which is קרן QoaReN (radiating light, shining). 

In several languages of India  researched by Sir Ralph Turner (d. 1983) there are variants of kirana which mean rays of light, sunlight and affulgence.     


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