Origin of English word CRACK

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Edenic Word


Hebrew Word







[KH- R-KH]


crack, crevice, chink


A CRACK is a crevice, chink and "narrow opening as between boards" as well as a sudden, sharp noise.  Only the noisy CRACK or CRACKLE is assigned an Indo-European “root” - ger (to cry out) — see CRY and CREAK.  The noisy CRACK or CRACKLE  is from  חרק   K[H]aRahQ (gnashing of teeth --  Psalms 110:12).

To fill the etymological CRACK or gap here, consider   חרך  K[H]aRaKH (notch, incision). The "narrow openings between boards" sense of CRACK may be seen in Songs2:9, where "cracks" is a far better translation than "lattice."   (Lattice window construction is not found in the ancient Middle East.)    A CRACK is not a cavity, but a weak  hole.    חרך K[H]aRaQ  has the Het-Resh subroot  of   חור    K[H]OAR (hole see HOLLOW ) combined with the Resh-Khaf of רך      RahKH (slight, weak

– see WEAK ). 


K[H]eeLOOQaH is a partition or division; QaRaGH is to rip.

A crack implies an interval of space;  RaK[H]oQ (distant) is derived by a #1-#2 letter swap.  A metathesis of Edenic distant is close to Japanese hakur   aa (ni), far away, by a long way.

Bible Verses

Song of Songs 2:9 דומה דודי לצבי או לעפר האילים הנה־זה עומד אחר כתלנו משׁגיח מן־החלנות מציץ מן־החרכים׃

“My beloved is like a gazelle or a young hart; behold, he standeth behind our wall, he looketh in through the windows, he peereth through the lattice.” Song of Songs 2:9



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