Origin of English word CROUCH

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[K-R-GH → K-R-CH]


Old French crochir is to be bent; it is thought to come from a fabricated Indo-European “root” ger (to curve, bend) seen at CROSS and CURVE.

 KoRaGH is translated as a synonym to "crouch" in Genesis49:9, cor­responding to the #1 definition of CROUCH: to stoop low as an animal. The #2 definition of CROUCH is to bow humbly. The dictionary definition of QoRaGH is to bend or kneel; HiKH’ReeYaK[H ] is to subject or bend. QaRah$ is to bow or bend. Q[E]eayR is to curve.


Icelandic kura, is to crouch, fitting our KoR[A]h, to kneel, and the stooped and crouched lion in Genesis 49:9.  Kneeling seems relevant to COWER, seen at CREED.

CREEK [from Old Norse kriki (a winding)], CRICK, CRICKET (the stick and the game), CROCHET CROOK(ED) and CROQUET all relate to the Hebrew etymon and its extensions like KROOKeeYaH (crane). CRICKET (the grasshopper) is related to KeRaGH ("jointed leg" - in Leviticus11:21 where crickets and grasshopers are discussed).

KeRaGH is a knee, while KoRaGH is the verb of bending and kneeling. COWER, COWARD and COW should relate. More yielding at CRINGE.

In Hawaiian (which has no R), kuli is a knee and kulou is to bow or bend.

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