Origin of English word CUFF

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[ KF]


strike with a hand


There is no  so-called Indo-European “root” for CUFF, and several uses of the word CUFF have no known origin. CUFF is a fold at the end of a sleeve or trouser leg.

כפול KaFOOL is folded (see COUPLE); כפוף KaFOOF is bent (Exodus28:17; Psalms145:14).

To CUFF (strike with an open hand), along with Middle English cuffe (mitten), makes the Hebrew etymon as clear as the front of one's hand.   כף KahF is the palm of the hand. Balaam strikes his hands together in Numbers24:10. Both כף KahF and כפח   KoaFa[K]H are used in the sense of CAP(TURING). The latter term also means to strike (CUFF, COUP) and to steal or the slang COP – see COP.

קבץ   QahBHaiTS is to gather; Arabic qabada is "he seized or clasped." Arabic qouffaz is a glove   The Indo-European “root” kap (to grasp) is relevant, but is used for scores of other words of lesser relevance. Anatomically close is the fellow guttural-bilabial   עקב [A]hQaiBH, a heel (Genesis25:26) or a hoof (Judges5:22)  – see  HOOF.


GOLF means "to strike with the hand."  SHaQahF  (see SPANK), NaQahF and NaGahF all mean to strike or hit.  If the L isn't historic then it's another KahF word. COPE also meant to strike. See PUGNACIOUS.

To BOX in a BOXING ring is a FISTICUFFS term with no known origin. Reverse BOX to a KB, throw in the Japanese fist (kobushi) and the Maya hand (gab), and KahPH has got the scoop (see SCOOP). The “hand” of the Chumash Indians (California) is the reversed pu -- (the   כ Kahph now silent.)

Het-Bet/ K[H--BH is shared by both K[H]aBHaDT (to thresh, beat) and K[H]aBHahL (to wound).  CAPTURE (see COP ) is kobe for the Kiowa Indians; it's hopu in Hawaiian. Pohu is the Hawaiian palm; reverse and shift Kahf-Phey.

Kupapa'i is to grope, feel, or fight hand-to-hand in Hawaiian.

Kapua'i is the sole of the foot or an animal's paw in Hawaiian  – see  "CAULK."  The Irish hand is cib (S-B).

Bible Verses

Numbers 24:10 ויחר־אף בלק אל־בלעם ויספק את־כפיו ויאמר בלק אל־בלעם לקב איבי קראתיך והנה ברכת ברך זה שׁלשׁ פעמים׃

“And Balak’s anger was kindled against Balaam, and he smote his hands together; and Balak said unto Balaam: ‘I called thee to curse mine enemies, and, behold, thou hast altogether blessed them these three times.’”


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Expert   12/1/2012 12:42:00 PM
cuff comes from the old Arabic word kuff or cuff which means literrally the palm of hands or sleeve or the lap consisting of a turned-back hem encircling the end of the sleeve or leg...i think it passed to English through the english students who studied in Spain during the arabic era.

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