Origin of English word CULL

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[GH-L → hard-C L]


There is no Indo-European “root” for CULL (to select, gather, collect). Old French cuillir means to pick, sleet, gather.  Latin colligere is to collect.  A collection of possible cognates appear below.

עלל GHahLahL means to pick or glean (Leviticus19:10);    הכיל HayKHeeYL is to include;   כלל  KoaLeL is inclusive; קהל   QaHahL means to assemble (Leviticus8:3,4).  In Exodus 35:1 Moses is assembling, Koof-Hey-Lamed, all,  כל Kahf-Lamed, the people. 

Once things are gathered together, we can go to other guttural-liquids, like Gimel-Lamed/GL:

  גל   GahL is a heap in Joshua 7:26, but a “collection” by Job 38:28.   גלם GoLeM is a lump (Psalms139:16 – see CONGLOMERATE).   Guttural-liquids seems to be about gathering together.    


Qi’HeeYLaH (congregation),  MiKHLA (corral), and  מכללה the modern MiKHLaLaH (college) evoke COLLEGE  – see  ALL and ELECT. Indo-European “root” ger - 1 (to gather) resembles the KL root here. Listed cognates there include AGORA, AGGREGATE. ALLEGORY, CATEGORY, CRAM, CONGREGATE, CONGREGATION, EGREGRIOUS, GREGARIOUS, PANEGYRIC. Hawaiian kaiaulu means community.

Koof-Lamed/QL and Kahf-Lamed/KL words share sound and sense, by design, with another gutural-liquid, Gimel-Resh/GR.

The stronger source for the alleged ger - 1 (to gather) words  above is  אגר AhGahR, to gather – see ACCRUE.

Words like ELECT, SELECT and COLLECT are in the Indo-European “root” leg - 1 (to collect). If the root got reversed from Edenic guttural-liquids, we could gather many cognates here, including: ALLEGE, ANALAGOUS, APALOGUE, APOLOGY, COIL, COLLEGIALITY, COLLEAGUE, DECALOGUE,  DELEGATE, DIALECT, DIALOGUE, DILIGENT, DYSLEXIA, ECLECTIC, ELECTION, EPILOGUE, INTELLIGENT, LEECH, LECTURE, LECTURN, LEGAL, LEGEND, LEGIBLE, LEGION, LEGISLATOR, LEGITIMATE, LESSON, LEX, LEXICON, LOGIC, LOGARITHM, LOGISTIC, LOGO, LOGOS, -LOGY, LOYAL, NEGLECT, PRIVILEGE, RELEGATE, SACRILEGE and SYLLOGISM.  If  some of these “leg” words are better with a liquid-guttural etymon, there are words like לקט LaQahDT ,  to "gather" in Genesis31:46 – see ELECT.

OCHLO(CRACY) (mob rule) is from Greek okholos (a mob, populace). קהל   QaHaL,. a multitude

or assemblage (Exodus12:6) is a fine match. QiHeeLaH means congregation or assembly

 (Deuteronomy 33:4).  At most, the Greek is unscrambled by switching places of the O and L. Related are


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