Origin of English word CURT

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[ KRT]


cut off


ROOTS:CURT is from Latin curtus, linked to the theoretical Indo-European base(s)qr-tus (cut off). CURT (shortened) is the adjectival form of CURTAIL (to cut short). The IE “root” here is sker' or ker (to cut).

כרת KaRahT is to cut off, as in Numbers13:23. Some interpret the divine punishment of כרת KoRaiT (Leviticus17:4) as a curtailment of life. QaRahTS is to slice or cut, translated "nipped" inJob33:6.    קצר QoaTSeR is shortness in Exodus 6:9. Elsewhere,   קצר Q-TS-R, a metathesis of KRT, means the cutting down of harvesting or reaping (Genesis 8:22) – see SKIRT. The adjective  קצר QoaTSeR means SHORT.


Because SHORT and CURT are cognates, and kurz is short in German, we must consider a #2-#3 metathesis of  QaTSaR. A metathesis of the first two letters is seen in Danish skaere (to cut). QaTSa R means "short" (Isaiah28:20) as well as "to cut or harvest" (Leviticus23:10). GaRaZ means "cut off;"  GaRZeN is an ax  – see  GRAZE. CURTAL, CURTATE, CURTEL AX (a cutlass), CUTLASS, CUTLERY and CUTLET recall another K-R/L-D/T term, the  KaRToaM or ax. Other official cognates of CURT and SHORT include KIRTLE, SHIRT and SKIRT. Cut is cortar in Spanish and Portuguese.

Escarter is to separate in French.   In Iran, Farsi is Indo-European but its word for “abbreviation”, ekhtesar, is so similar to QiTSOOR (abbreviation) that is assumed to be borrowed from Arabic.

Japanese cutting terms like karu, kiru and kiriare either curtailed cousins of words like cortar ("cut" in Spanish and Portuguese,) or they derive from KR cutters like QoR[A]h (to rend, tear). A longer Japanese word like QaTSaR (harvest, cut down) is kezuru (cut down).

  A SHORT coat or sports jacket in Polish is kurtka – requiring the same meathesis as English CURT.  A similar M132 in seen in the Polish pigmy or dwarf: karzel. The Polish beaver, kastor,like Spanish castor, is the  קוצר QOATSeR the harvester, or creature that cuts down (trees, etc.).

Sanskrit hrasva, short, requires an M132 metahesis and a guttural shift.


Bible Verses

Numbers 13:23 ויבאו עד־נחל אשׁכל ויכרתו משׁם זמורה ואשׁכול ענבים אחד וישׂאהו במוט בשׁנים ומן־הרמנים ומן־התאנים׃

“And they came unto the valley of Eshcol, and cut down from thence a branch with one cluster of grapes, and they bore it upon a pole between two; they took also of the pomegranates, and of the figs.”

Leviticus 17:4 ואל־פתח אהל מועד לא הביאו להקריב קרבן ליהוה לפני משׁכן יהוה דם יחשׁב לאישׁ ההוא דם שׁפך ונכרת האישׁ ההוא מקרב עמו׃

“and hath not brought it unto the door of the tent of meeting, to present it as an offering unto the LORD before the tabernacle of the LORD, blood shall be imputed unto that man; he hath shed blood; and that man shall be cut off from among his people.”



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