Origin of English word DACHSHUND

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English Word


Edenic Word

TaK[H]aT + [K]HoaDTeM

Hebrew Word



Tahf-Het-Tahf + Het-Tet-Mem


TAHKH-aht + KHOW-tem


[TK(HT) → DKH , (K)H(D)TM → HTN → HNT]


There are two distinct elements in DACHSHUND, the short long dog bred to be a “badger hound.” 1) German Dachs is a badger, because this ground hog lives below or underground. Below  or “under” in Edenic is  תחת TaK[H]aT or SaK[H]aT – see SOUTH.   2) HOUND is at the  weak Indo-European “root” kwon (dog) – see KENNEL.

  Hunting with a dog means sniffing, and the Edenic word for an animal’s nose or snout is חטם   [K]HoaDTeM, snout (Isaiah 48:9  -- with a M132 metathesis, and a shift of nasals, naturally) – see COATI.


  One finds many a HOUND at HUNT .  DOXY (slang for beggar's mistress) is from obsolete English term docke (rump). TahK[H]ahS or TahK[H]ahT means under, beneath (Genesis18:4); rump, buttocks—as in Yiddish tochis or tukhis.  Reverse Tahf -Het to KT for Greek cata (down), source of CATA-words like CATARACT.

 For more TaK[H]aT see CADENCE, DUCK and SOUTH.

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