Origin of English word DARK

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foul, muddy


In Middle Low German dork is a place where dirt collects; DARK is thought to come from the invented Indo-European “root” dher (to make muddy; darkness).

1.   דלוח   DaLOOaK[H] is muddy, polluted;    דלח DaLaK[H] is "foul" in Ezekiel32:2. (Foul is the opposite of "fair," and fair also means the opposite of dark.) 

2. Akkadian adaru is to be dark; t he month of  Adar, writes Jastrow,  derives from the  Assyrian word  adaru  (dark).

3. קדר    QayDahR (dark, black, gloomy – I Kings 18:45) is an anagramic “synonym” (move letter #1 to the end of the word to get DARK, an M231 metathesis).      טלל DTiLaL is Aramaic for shade.          הדליק     HiDLeeYQ (to light, kindle – see LIGHT) is a bright, built-in antonym of   דלח DaLaK(H).  It is harder to see in English, but LIGHT and DARK both have a dental (D/T), liquid (L/R) and guttural (GH/K) because their Hebrew etymons are designed antonyms    ד-ל-ח Dalet-Lamed-Het and  ד-ל-ק Dalet-Lamed-Koof.


The given cognates of DARK include: DRAB, DREGS, DRIVEL, DROSS and TRACHEA.  Other black, or soot-darkened words from QayDahR are at GIBBON.    Tarik is dark in Kurdish.  Kotor is dirty in Indonesian; hatoru is night in Malay, Liang dialect. DOUGL(AS), dark in Celtic, is available from either Edenic DaLaKH or QayDaR with the help of letter swapping and Grimm's law  permutations.

German “dark” is dunkel . The extra N is a nasalization, so it is really D-K-L or dental-guttural-liquid.  Again we have a “dark” word that could either be a M132 metathesis of DaKaK[H], or a M213 metathesis of QayDaR.  Dutch donker, dark  has the same nasalization (extra N), and M213 metahethesis of QeDaR, dark. But the final liquid did not shift.

Supporting the “gloomy,” emotional DARK from QayDahR are words for “sorrow” like Turkish keder, and thesense development seen in French chagrin and English CHAGRIN. CH-R-G should be from SHaK[H]oaR, black  (Job 30:30) – see OBSCURE. The French are likely to paint a mood with color.

Bible Verses

Ezekiel 32:2 בן־אדם שׂא קינה על־פרעה מלך־מצרים ואמרת אליו כפיר גוים נדמית ואתה כתנים בימים ותגח בנהרותיך ותדלח־מים ברגליך ותרפס נהרותם׃

“O mortal, intone a dirge over Pharaoh king of Egypt. Say to him: O great beast among the nations, you are doomed! You are like the dragon in the seas, Thrusting through their streams, Stirring up the water with your feet And muddyingtheir streams. ” (JPS, 1978)



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