Origin of English word DAWN

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[DM → DN]


be red or grow red


Middle English dawn(en) is not treated by the dictionary, because there is no available history of the term. Instead, the etymology curiously concerns Anglo-Saxon dagian (to become day) - as if dagian lost its "g" and became "dawn." The alleged Indo-European “root” for DAWN is agh (a day).

אדם  AhDoM is to be red or grow red (Isaiah1:18). AhDahMDahM means very red or glowing (Leviticusl3:42).     The red planet, M’ADeeYM (Mars), is Post-Biblical-Hebrew (PBH).


Chinese tun means the early risen sun, but dan means that time of morning. Not only does dan mean DAWN in Chinese, but several Slavic terms for "day" (dan: Serbo-Croatian, den: Czech, dyen: Russian) suggest a dental (T,D) + nasal (M,N) term for DAWN. Dimineata is morning in Rumanian. Add to these words like MATIN and MATINEE, from French matin (morning) and Latin Matuta (goddess of the dawn), which are merely T-M reversed. This TM is a mere hue away from the bloody dawn and Dalet-Mem. The Italian morning is mattina.  NayTS (dawn) is a more straighforward  way to get M-T, but its use as “dawn” may be post-Biblical, and not early enough to be Edenic.

The rising-sun terms here ought to derive from ADaM (to be red). The nasal-dental alternative etymon for MATIN appears as NaT(SaTS) (glittering) in Ezekiel1:7.  (Ha)NayT(S) (to shine) provides an N-T tie-in to our D-N terms, but  other Semitic words are needed before NayTS (shining … of the sun... thus dawn) can be linked to MATIn or DAWN.

 While DahM is blood and AhDOAM is red in Hebrew, reverse to mada for "blood" and "red" in Australian Aborgine. Daang is red in Thai.

Foliage would indicate that AUTUM(N) is the season for the color AhTOAM (red); Latin autumnus has no known etymon or meaning.

The Japanese words for morning, asa, and morning sun asahi, are not dental-nasals, but they do reinforce the morning light as fire image from Edenic fire, AiSH.   See ASIA and SANGRIA.

Bible Verses

Isaiah 1:18 לכו־נא ונוכחה יאמר יהוה אם־יהיו חטאיכם כשׁנים כשׁלג ילבינו אם־יאדימו כתולע כצמר יהיו׃

“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD; though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” (JPS)



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