Origin of English word DECIPHER

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English Word


Edenic Word


Hebrew Word







[ S-PH-R]


to count, to tell


A CIPHER refers to any Arabic numeral; Late Latin cifra is an acknowledged borrowing from Arabic. Arabic sifr or sefr (a cipher; nothing) is the given source of ZERO (via Italian and French). A better, Tsadi-Resh etymon, is given for ZERO below.

"Zero" or "nothingness" does not imply the decoding or deciphering of secret markings. Hebrew      ספר $aPHaR (to count, number) and   ספר   $ePaR (to count, tell) does imply DECIPHERING symbols (letters or numbers).   Semitic numbers and letters were a strange secret code to centuries of illiterate Western traders.   Hebrew letters can disguise numbers or words; there is a vast science in numerological interpretations of decoded words in the Hebrew Bible.


To "recount" or give an "account" is an echo of the meanings of   $eePaiR (to count, to tell) - Genesis24:66. If numbers and letters are DECIPHERED they will tell or SPELL out a  SeePOOR (SPIEL or story). See GOSPEL and "SPHERE."  Arabic traders spread many Semitic numbers, like the zero of Turkish (sifir) and Swahilli (sifuri). An Edenic source for ZERO is TSa’[A]hR (small, of little importance – Genesis 19:20 – see ZERO). The German cipher is Chiffre.

Bible Verses

Genesis 24:66 ויספר העבד ליצחק את כל־הדברים אשׁר עשׂה׃

“And the servant told Isaac all the things that he had done.”



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