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DELTA the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, is from the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, as דלת DeLeT (whence letter Dalet) means "door" - Proverbs26:14). DELTOID means Triangular, and the old Dalet or Daleth letter looked like a triangle (reverse D). The "door" of a tent is a triangular flap.   תרא TiR[A]h (door, entrance) is a Chaldaic term listed in the Hebrew-EnglishLexiconoftheBible, and is another TR or DL word resembling DOOR. “A door turns on its hinges” (Proverbs 26:4). The Edenic words for “turning” and “hinge” are related dental-liquid terms

 – see TURN.


If DOOR is related to Irish duris (door) and Polish drz(wi) (door), then Hebrew Dalet-Lamed (shifts liquids to R)-Tahf as Sahf  makes as good an etymon as the Indo-European “root” dhwer. Related German words include Tür (door) and Tor (gate);  GeDeR is a gate (G drops; Dalet shifts dentals to T.). The Japanese to (door) is as minimal as "door" pronounced in Alabama ("do").  ADTaR is to close; DeeYR is a sheepfold.

The IE “root” of DOOR, dhwer (door, doorway), originally designated the entrance to the gate around the house itself. Arabic and Persian dar, as seen in DURBAR, means gate.

The given cognates of DOOR include FOREIGN, FORENSIC, FOREST, FORUM and THYROID. Only THYROID is a dental-liquid or D\T--R word. The others are traced to the mythic IE “root” dhwer via Latin foros (out of doors, outside). The F-R terms are better linked to BahR or BHahR (field, outside  – see  BARRIO).

In Navajo (a Na-Dene isolate among American Indian languages), di’ is four.

Bible Verses

Proverbs 26:14 הדלת תסוב על־צירה ועצל על־מטתו׃

“The door is turning upon its hinges, and the sluggard is still upon his bed.”



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