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Allegedly from Latin dis (apart) + spargo (to scatter, strew), the given Indo-European “root” for DISPERSE is (s)preg (to jerk, scatter). The AHD putting the S in parentheses indicates that the S of Latin spargo is only possibly part of the root.

 Hebrew פרס  PaRa$ (spread out- Deuteronomy14:7), פרש   PaRaSH ("spread abroad' -Zechariah2:10) or an M132 metathesis of    פזר   PaZeR (to scatter –Jeremiah 50:17) are closer sounding etymons.     פרש PaRaS, with a Sin, also means spread. DISPERSE can mean "to distribute," a meaning shared by both     פרש PaRaS and   פרץ PaRaTS ("disperse" -- IIChronicles11:23).  More at “PLAZA;” see Pey-Resh spreading and opening at SPREAD.  The separateness of Pey-Resh-Shin became the saintly abstinence of the   פרושים PeyROOSHiM or PHARISEES. For the P-R-S  (or other fricative) built-in opposite of PRISSY, PRISTINE separateness, see PROSTITUTE.


PaROO$ is SPREAD, like the PeRe$ (vulture – Leviticus 11:13), referring to its wide, spread-eagled wingspan. The OSPREY is a buzzard or fishing eagle with a wingspan three times its size. Its name is thought to come from Latin ost-fragga, bone-breaking (see “OSTEROMA” and FRACTION), but all predators break bones, and this animal is more likely an M231 metathesis of Pey-Resh-Samekh. Likely an M132 metathesis of PaZeR is Spanish esparcir, to disperse or scatter.

PaRaSH is the spreading out of explication of texts – see PHRASE.

FRECKLE is one of the terms listed under Indo-European (s)preg (to jerk, scatter). See BREAK for Hebrew etymons like PaROOQ (dissolution, breaking up). PARC(EL) fits the dividing and distributing here, although it is linked to PART. Between PaRa$ and PaZeR (with different metatheses required), we have fine, scattered sources for SPRITZ, a verb and noun of squirting or spraying from Pennsylvania Dutch and Yiddish. German Spritze means a syringe, squirt or sprinkle.

 PaZeR (to scatter) in scrambled by an M132 metaathesis – see SPACE as in “spaced apart.”  The Polish is przestrzen, the Russian is prastranstvo, and the Serbo-Croatian and Czech is proctor

See "DIASPORA' for more SPR scattering; see PART for the PR 2-letter root.


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