Origin of English word DREAM

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The word DREAM is addressed in the entry: DORM

English Word


Edenic Word


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to sleep


Dormireis to sleep in Latin; DORM is to doze in Scottish.

RaDahM is to sleep (Jonah1:5); just flip the #1 and #2, root letters. The non-corrupted, pre-Babel root , RDM, breaks down into the combined subroots Resh-Dalet and Dalet-Mem. See RD (going down) at ROOT, and DM (silence) at DUMB.  Edenic RDM means, going down to silence.  Once their roots are scrambled, it is easy to see why the concept of subroots, and of meaning independent of sematics (usage) are foreign concepts to Western linguists.


A DORM or DORMITORY room is where college students often lie DORMANT, but seldom sleep. Adam was (EN)TRAN(CED) before he met Eve, as God anesthetized him with a  (Ta)RDaiMaH ("deep sleep" - Genesis2:21). DOORMOUSE, DORMY, DREAM, TRANCE and DROWSE all relate.

Resh-Dalet-Mem / RDM (sleep) combines Yod-Resh-Mem / (Y)RD (to go down) with Dalet-Mem-Yod / DM(Y) (rest, quiet)… as sleep is going down into silence.

[K] HaLOAM (dream – Genesis 20:3) may have influenced the spelling of HALLUCIN(ATION), which is otherwise a cognate of “illusion.”   A Hungarian dream is an alom. [K]HaLOAM is a nasal shift from [K]HaLOAN (a window … as into the subconscious), and an M213  metathesis from LeK[H]eM (bread… the practical opposite of a dream). [Rabbi Shlomo Riskin]  Hungarian bread,   kenye’r  could come from  LeK[H]eM (bread – Exodus 5:30); it needs nasal and liquid shift, and an M231 metahesis.  

DREAM  is Traum in German and  droom  in Dutch.  (RW)

Bible Verses

Jonah 1:5 וייראו המלחים ויזעקו אישׁ אל־אלהיו ויטלו את־הכלים אשׁר באניה אל־הים להקל מעליהם ויונה ירד אל־ירכתי הספינה וישׁכב וירדם׃

“And the mariners were afraid, and cried every man unto his god; and they cast forth the wares that were in the ship into the sea, to lighten it unto them. But Jonah was gone down into the innermost parts of the ship; and he lay, and was fast asleep.”



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