Origin of English word EARTH

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[E-R-T(S) → ER-TH]


Middle Irish ertis ground; the IE base is er-t;the alleged Indo-European “root” is er (earth, ground).   ארץ   AReT(S) or EReT(S) means ground, land, country, territory or "earth' - (Genesis 1:1).  Aleph-Resh-Tsadi has the ר-ץ  Resh-Tsadi of RahTS (to run – see ROTATE), because only the dry land has the traction for running.  Arabic “earth” is ardh, having a dental shift of the Tsadi seen in the Dutch below.  Arabic has a variant Tsadi like SS, confirming the versatility of the Edenic Tsadi.

Sadducees are from Tsadi/TS  as S, see SYNDICATE.  To see the Tsadi shift to TH in English, see HEALTH.


Related are  the AARDVARK and AARDWOLF via the Dutch aerde (earth) – where the Tsadi has shifted to a harder Dental than the Anglo-Saxon aorthe.  For Dutch aardappel (potato) see FRUIT.

Because land is lad in Polish, the N of LAND is probably a nasalized version of LD. LD is available in the Liquid-Dental of (A)-R-T(S). Chinese luti (land) similarly makes the common R to L change, but holds onto the T of the original Edenic. Polish lan  (land,  mainland) also confirms that the N in LAND (see LAND) is a nasalization.  In Danish, udland mens abroad.  There’s the “ud” element + “land.”  1. <  G-S, S-D   K[H]OOTS, outside [OUT];  2. land < S-L, S-D , EReTS, land, country  [EARTH] .  In Modern Greek “abroad” is exoterikon. 1. Exo (out, see EXIT) + 2. terikon  (the TERRITORY, from our AReTS reversed) or possibly (the way, DeReKH – see DIRECTION).  The same two most probable elements appear in “abroad” in Modern Hebrew: K[H]OOTS-L’AReTS (outide of the land).   Reverse the vowel-RT of EReTS to TR to get TERRAIN, TERRARIUM, TERRESTIAL or TERRITORY. Latin terra and tellus both mean earth.  One might also call these an M321 metathesis or a reversal of Aleph-Resh-Tsadi.

Backward EReTs words in Spanish include: tiera (lan,ground, earth)and terreno (terrestrial, terrrain).

More  T-R-Vowel earth terms include TERRA, TERRACE, TERRA COTTA (see CAUTERIZE”), TERRARIUM, TERRENE and TERRIER. Indo-European “root” ter (ground, etc.) includes DEAL, TALUS, TELURIC and TITLE.

AREA (see AREA) picks up the Aleph-Resh / AR first element.  AR[A]hE  is the earth in Biblical Aramaic;  AR[E]eYT means bottom. Words like ORE and MINERAL may have been mined from AReTS – see AURA.

One of the most difficult forms of EReTS on Earth may be Serbian svet.  First, the  (see WRONG) rule of R=W has to be invoked, and bent from W to V. Then, a difficult metathesis has to be followed where Aleph-Resh-Tsadi became E-V-and a TS which may have split to the ends of the “earth” word.

The extra T in Modern Greek taratsa (terrace), which comes from AReTS is like the extra initial-D in DREAD – see DREAD. Earth in German is Erde, and in Danish jord.

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Expert   12/1/2012 12:53:00 PM
Earth comes from the Arabic "Ardh" or "arth" english pronunciation of it is "earth" it is mentionned dozens of times in "Quran" it means simply the planet where we live or the ground or the land ..and again it is a legacy of the arabs presence in Spain ( many english scholars studied there in the 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th centuries ).....it used in arabic probably from antiquity because "Quran" is a 7th century book. so guys do not try to argue about it or try to find an unprobable "indo-european" root to this VERY ARABIC word.....Greetings

Nadejda   5/3/2012 9:03:00 PM
EARTH – came from Aryan alphabet (AZBUKA) – people who lived in the Great Tartary E – letter “est” – meaning in English “IS” A – letter “us” – meaning “US”, was used name yourself, they didn’t say I, they said Us, for example when Russian Zar was giving an announcement he said – US Nikolai Second gathered You here to announced…” R – letter “P pronounced as R” – meaning “power, energy” “AR” – as a word meant earth, country, planet – direct meaning for Aryan – “MY powerful planet” T – letter “tverdo” pronounced as “T” – the solid form, given from the universe H – letter “gerv” pronounce as “GH” – beautiful, unknown, but visible. SO what does EARTH means on Aryan alphabet if we adjust the meaning to a modern english? Earth – It is our powerful planet, the solid form, given from the universe, which is beautiful, unknown, but visible.

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