Origin of English word EIGHT

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English Word


Edenic Word

K[H]eT (8th number/letter)

Hebrew Word







[KH-T → GH-T]


Anglo-Saxon eahta, German acht, Latin octo and Indo-European base okto(u) all mean the number EIGHT.

The EIGHTH letter and the number eight in Hebrew is  Het or K[H]ET, the vowel moving from after to before the guttural is a mild metathesis.


French huit (#8), Modern Greek okto (#8) and German-Yiddish-Dutch acht (#8) sound closer to the Hebrew than the Japanese hachi (#8), the 8th Greek letter THETA or the Sula Island gatahua (#8).

Cognates via Indo-European “root” okto(u) (eight) include OCTAVE, OCTOBER, OCTOGENARIAN, OCTOGON and OCTOPUS.    Spanish ocho (#8) has lost the Edenic dental  that remains in octavo  (EIGHTH), while Danish otto, Italian otto, Norwegian ate, Portuguese oito andSwedish atta have dropped the Edenic guttural.

To theorize that Edenic letters/numbers could contribute to world number words is daring, despite the solid sound and sense, so it’s good to find similar eights. They are present even in the isolate (no known affiliates) American Indian languages of the Five Nations.  They involve a reversing of K[H]eT to T-K. 

The -TH suffix of ordinal numbers (seventh or ninth) and fractions (one fourth) is matched by the Tahf/T as Thaf /TH suffix in Hebrew RiBHeeYeeYTH (fourth) "Four" is taken up at QUARTER.

Another -TH suffix, inferring the state or quality of being, occurs in words like stealth and wealth. A variant of this same suffix is the ending -T of words like height or sleight. The same suffix in Hebrew turns [E]BHeD (servant) into AhBHDOOT or AhVDOOTH (servitude).

שמונה SHMOANaH, eight, Genesis 17:12, made it to Slavic languages like Polish (osm, osiem – similar in Czech and Slovak) and Sorbian  wosym (8) where the Vav did not shift to an initial “O,”

 but to an initial “wo.”

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