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ETYMON (from Greek) infers the literal senseofa word. The etymon of ETYMOLOGY is the Greek word etymos (true). The true etymon never lies in a language as late as Greek. Merely flip root letters #2 and #3, an M132 metathesis, ETMtoEMT,  to see EMeT (true, truth, truly). ".. .the word of the Lord in thy mouth is truth" EMeT -- I Kings17:24.

To marry homily and scientific Edenics, Aleph-Mem-Tahf (truth) means undying or eternal, which truth is supposed to be.  The Aleph is a negative prefix, “not,” as in “Asymetry”—

see “A-.“   Mem-Tahf means “mortality” – see CHECKMATE. EMeT (truth) is thus

undying, immortal.  Ayin-Mem-Dalet  means standing, enduring, lasting – Exodus 9:28.

Objective Truth requires  OMeTZ (courage) to overcome human subjectivity   (The purveyors of the myth of the Indo-European root, The American Heritage Dictionary, found no root for MYTH.  Tahf can be a Greek TH, and MYTH may be a built-in, sound-alike antonym of EMeTH (truth).


To form "truth" one takes the Hebrew alpahabet’s first letter, Aleph, and the last letter, Tahf, placing the middle letter, Mem, between them. "TRUE" north refers to the earth's middle or axis, not her magnetic poles. The true path is always the middle road, between the extreme positions.  Related to EMeT,  EMTZ[A]h means middle. While this spelling is post-Biblical,  Mem-Tsadi-Ayin  (middle) – has its antiquity authenticated in Aramaic and Syriac.  M + dental (D,T) words of measuremnt and science , Mem-Dalet-Ayin, are found at METER and MODE. .

"True" in Japanese is honto; reverse to dina for the Fijian. It isn't false to switch the M to an N and the T to a D. A easier, mere reversal of EMeT is seen in Tagalog (Philippines) tama (true or correct. Maa-t is truth in the language of ancient Egypt.  Genesis11 holds all of these national and linguistic takes on truth  as divine.  Edenic truth is not about being “more true” than others, but it is the rainbow from which every hue can trace its divine origin and legitimacy.

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