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[ A-R-B(H) → URP]


The dictionary doesn't know what EUROPE means. Europe or EUROPA in Greek mythology was the Phoenician princess carried off to the West (Crete) by the bullish Zeus. A Phoenician-Hebrew etymon is not out of place here.

EUROPE is "the West," especially to a Middle-Easterner. In the Hebrew vernacular  (M)’[A]hRaBH means "West," as in Psalms103:12.  The directional prefix Mem/ M m is added to the root ערב Ayin-Resh-Bhet,  [E]ReBH (evening), as West is the direction of twilight and the setting sun.  The Arabic guttural Ayin renders west gharb.  Joseph T. Shipley cites Assyrian monuments presenting Ereb ("setting sun land") and Asu ("land of the rising sun"). These became known as "Europe" and "Asia."  (The אש AiSH, fire – Exodus 3:2, is also seen in the word EAST.) EUROPA's story may be yet another folk etymology in our reference books.  The Bhet to P bilabial shift is common.

The Arabs call their western illegal settlements in North Africa (like Morocco) the MaGHReB. Here the Ayin is a harsh GH, not a vowel,   מערב M’[A]RahBH or M’GHRahBH is west (Isaiah 43.5).     For an entry where the sun sets on the Ashkenazik, vowelized Ayin, see EVENING.


An R → L change might allow us to see the natural connection between west, our   Ayin-Resh-Bhet, and an L-F (liquid shift) term like LEF(T), from Latin laevus (left). There are also several LEVO- terms like LEVODUCTION.  Forms of the word EUROPE exist in every modern language.

Magharibi , Swahili's word for "west," retains the initial M  prefix of M’[A]hRaBH. The Arabic (also gutturalizing the Ayin/GH is pared down to the Semitic root - (gharb).

Perhaps the expanse of EUROPE might be linked imparttoEURY- (wide, broad in Greek). EURY's Indo-European “root” wer (wide, broad) is a reversal of Resh-Vav-Het, ReVa[K]H (wide, spread, space, interval) - a probable influenceon words like ROVE, ROVER and (reverse the Resh-Vav.and read it as F-R) FAR.

ערב  [E]ReBH (evening) sounds like it made it to Australian slang, as arvo means afternoon and evening.

The sunset-red connection of  ערב   [E]ReBH (red) should be behind Latin rubus, red, and RB words like RUBY – see RED.    See ASIA.  

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