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Middle English eve meant EVENING, and may or may not have been shortened from EVEN (evening) or EVENING (twilight until fully dark). The given etymology is in the dark, groping with an Anglo-Saxon verb aefnian (to grow toward evening) and citing Indo-European bases epi and opi which mean "after" and "later." (See "OVER")

העיב   Hey[E]e[V] is to darken or become cloudy,   יעיב Ya[E]eY[V] in Lamentations2:1 means "covered with a cloud." The infinitive of this verb,   עוב   GHoWBH, is a match for the IE “root” kwep (to smoke, etc.) and Greek kapnos (cloud, smoke) —the sources of VAPOR.    [A]h[V] or GHah[V] means thick, "thicket" (Jeremiah4:29), or "cloud" as in: "the sky grew black with clouds" - IKings18:45.

For more than atmospheric coverings with equivalent sounds of Ayin-Bhet – see COVER.

The proposed root kwep (to smoke, etc.) resembles another Ayin + bilabial cloud word:      ערפל GHaRaPHeL (darkness, thick cloud – Deuteronomy 4:11).      ערוב   [E]Roo(V) is mixed, for the mixed light of evening. See below

EVENING occurs in the West. The   ע Ayin asharsher GH is clear in the Arabic word for it’s North African illegal settlements gotten after invading the Berbers. Countries like Morocco and Tunisia are the MAGHREB, the West, as  ערב [A]RahBH or GHaReBH means west M’[A]RahBH in Isaiah 43:5 – see EUROPE..


The Ayin-Resh- Phey term above, like GHaReeYPH (cloud, darknss of clouds (Isaiah 5:30), is not far from Latvian kupuli (steam, smoke -- M132, S-L).    ע - ב     Ayin-Bhet has merely added an R from one Ayin-bilabial smoke word to the other.  Now we’ll add just a Resh/R  to   ע - ב       Ayin-Bhet. The darkening skies of twilight and its mixed light are also seen in Hebrew's principal word for EVE (the night before) or EVENING , from ERe[V] (Genesis1:5).  

Related guttural-bilabial terms like  [K]HOOPaH (canopy) are seen at COVER. Reverse   Ayin-Bhet/G[V] (cloud) to see FOG. Cognates of VAPOR at Indo-European kwep include VAPID and EVAPORATE. Cloud words that hear [A]h[V] as a vowel with a bilabial (two-lip) consonant include awan (cloud in Indonesian) and opun (cloud in Hawaiian). There's ufi (to smoke) in Tongan. Reduce to o (cloud in Fijian); reverse to wu (fog in Chinese). ע - ב     Ayin-Bhet clouds are obscured by a reversal and nasalization of the guttural Ayin in Swahili wingu.

ערפל GHaRaPHeL (darkness, thick cloud) is the likely source of alapay, sky, for the Chumash Indians (California).  A Facebook message in 9/09:  Arwaw , afternoon (in Bilau New Guinea) ,arvo (late aftdernoon) in Australian slang < ערב   [E]Re(V), late afternoon, evening, eve… when there is MIXED  daylight and darkness;    ערוב   [E]Roo(V) is mixed.

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