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The so-called Indo-European “root” of FREE is pri (to love).  The FREEDOM of free love is a nice 1960’s fantasy, but Anglo-Saxon freo means “not in bondage.”

פרע PHaRoo[A]h or PaRoo[A]h is unrestrained or "broken loose" in Exodus32:25. The term is rendered "threw off constraints" in IIChronicles28:19.  The Ayin of    פ-ר-ע Pey-Resh-Ayin, as usual, can be a vowel, like FRE, or a guttural, like  PR-GH.   פ-ר-ע Pey-Resh-Ayin  is therefore related to both   פרק PaRaQ (to free, untie, loosen, save, brake off a yoke  --- Genesis 27:40 ) and  פרא    PeReEh (wild - Genesis16:12). The Pey or Phey-Resh / P(H)-R פ-ר  subroot indicates breaking out or spreading forth in scores of Hebrew words – see BREAK,  FREAK, FRUIT, SPARROW, and SPREAD.

Ipirycs (freemen).  So these are from our Phey-Resh-Ayin root of freedom. BRANCHES:    German frech is impudent, brazen, fresh . From the German we can see that this unrestrained, FRESH, FREAKY behavior  is from Pey-Resh-Ayin ( a guttural, not a fricative like SH.)

A breaker of the national yoke of repression is a savior. By Daniel 4:24 PiRaQ means to deliver or redeem.  On Sabbath mornings Jews pray that a PaRQahN (redeemer in Aramaic) will come to rescue them. They are not invoking Rev. Louis Farrakhan, whose surname means “redeemer” in Arabic.

While their loving definition may be way off, some of the AHD’s cognates for FREE may be valid:  AFRAY, FILIBUSTER, FRIEND, FRIGG (Odin’s loving, or unrestrained, wife) and her day: FRIDAY and SIEGFRIED.

Edenecist Al. L. Ansley notes the  PHYRGIAN hat at a symbol of freedom, especially in French Revolutionary and Masonic art. The P-R-guttural name of PHRYGIA comes from the Greeks

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