Origin of English word GAGE

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The word GAGE is addressed in the entry: FAITH

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FAITH is believed to have originated with Latin fides (faith, trust), from the Indo-European “root” bheidh (to persuade, compel or confide). Instead, have FAITH in the oldest and greatest body of בטח   BoaDTeya[K]H ( to trust, confide), MaBHDTeeYah[K]H (to guarantee), בטחון BHeeDTa[K]HOAN (faith, trust, CONFIDENCE). "But I trust in your faithfulness."  BoDTa[K]HTeeY - Psalms13:6.


BRANCHES: [ A]VoaDT (pledge) helps establish the two-letter root as B(H)-(D)T. Antonyms include BHaDT(aL) (null, VOID). ABIDE, ABODE and BIDE, also somehow linked to Indo-European bheidh, are more likely from  BaDTaiL (to stop, to be idle, to suspend).

A BD antonym that recalls BAD,  BahDAhOOT (fraud, deceit) betrays CONFIDENCE and FAITH. A FAITOR isanimposter. The Indo-European “root” wegwh (topreach, speaksolemnly) soundslikeanimposter, andnotlikethetrueBH-TsourceofDEVOTE, DEVOUT or VOTIVE.

FIANCE isalsolinkedtotheIE “root”bheidh. The related Indo-European “root” wadh (pledge) includes DEGAGE, ENGAGE, GAGE, MORTGAGE, WAGE, WAGER, WED, WEDDING, WEDLOCK and PRAEDIAL.

The closest cognates of FAITH are FEALTY, FIDELITY, INFIDEL(ITY), and PERFIDY. FAITH sounds like Irish faittech, cautious, which is like BeTa[K]H, safety, security Spanish bilabial-dental words of trust include: Fiado (on trust), fidediggno (trustworthy), fideicomiso (trust),  and fidelidad, (fidelity).   Czech words of faith are V-R terms of certainty, see VERIFY.

 Other cognates, and more data are seen at AFFIDAVIT, BET, and VOTE.

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